The origin and benefits of Kalawa

Indian culture is very rich and full of different traditions and customs. There are many different rituals and beliefs followed in the Hindu culture. These rituals are not just superstitions that are followed without any proofs and explanation. All these traditions and rituals have a deep mythological meaning and at the same time scientific proofs as well. One such tradition that is followed in Hinduism from a very long time is the tradition to tie a Kalawa or a coloured thread on the wrist. It is a very popular tradition and has been followed by believers of Hinduism from a very long time. Like other rituals and customs, this belief has also a reason with it. It is not a superstition which is followed by people without any reason. The thread is made up of a lot of different colours. Kalawa can be red, yellow, orange etc. in colour. But mainly the red and yellow colour thread is worn by people. As these two colours are considered to be more auspicious. It also has knots in it. It is mainly a thread made by raw cotton and tied during any particular Puja. It is also known as Mauli.

Let’s find out the mythological as well the scientific explanations of kalawa.

Origin of Kalawa

There is a very interesting story behind the origin of Kalawa. It is believed that the god Indra, was about to go into a battle. Lord Indra’s wife Indrani was worried about the safety of her husband, so she created a magical red thread with blessings of different gods. This red thread would protect lord Indra in the battle. It did it work, Lord Indra won the battle and defeated the demons. After this incident, the red thread or Kalawa came into existence. Another very popular story which explains the origin of the Kalawa is that Lord Vishnu tied a red thread on the wrist of Bali to give him freedom from the death. Kalawa is very auspicious and tied in the wrist of almost every follower of Hinduism. The blessings of God can act as a safety and also has lots of different benefits.

Benefits of Kalawa

The Kalawa is mainly wore as a protection from the different problems and harms. It is a holy thread with blessings of gods in it. There are many different uses of Kalawa in Hindu culture. The simple cotton coloured thread can be of huge significance in the life of people. The Hindu scriptures say that the blessings of god in the Kalawa makes it magical and can save us from different issues, negative energies and evil spirits. The kalawa bestows blessings of different gods and goddesses into the life of people. It not only gives protection from evil but also grants us long lives. Wearing Kalawa can bring positivity and success in life. It can make our thoughts more positive and would bring peace and calmness in the mind. The kalawa has lots of health benefits as well. The various knots present in the kalawa helps in good digestion. It also protects us from any sort of heart disease. The nervous system functions well due to the knots in the Kalawa. The men wear the Kalawa in their right hand, while women wear it in the left hand. The Kalawa is not only worn by people but it can also protect other things as well like tying kalawa in any place in a home brings peace and harmony within the family. It has been seen that Kalawa is also tied in certain vehicles as well.

A scientific explanation of Kalawa

There are not only tales and stories behind Kalawa, even science believes that tying Kalawa on the wrist is of huge significance. The science says that all the veins connected to the various organs of the body pass through the wrist. The tying of kalawa thus controls the actions of these veins. Hence, the body gets protected from various diseases. It keeps the person healthy. The Kalawa protects the body from diseases like diabetes, paralysis and certain heart-related issues as well.



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