The Odds of Aquarius and Taurus: Their compatibility in love and relationship

The Odds of Aquarius and Taurus: Their compatibility in love and relationship

Taurus, being ruled by the planet Venus, is an earth sign. Taurus is the kind of laid back people, giving equality of time and space to every agenda in their lives. The planet Venus confers it the quality of romance too. They show an unshakeable devotion towards their partner. Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus, are air signs. The Aquarius is the practical and pragmatic groups of people, finding the logistics of things. They are also meant for the romance. However, these two signs might not show compatibility for each other. Though the planets and the signs do confer bases of compatibility, they might show signs of falling out. This article is an insight into their relationship and compatibility.


Date: 20th April – 20th May

Ruling planet: Venus

Ruling element: Earth

Ruling House: Second

Dominant quality: Fixed

Polarity: Negative

Lucky colour: Pink

Lucky gem: Emerald

Lucky Day: Sunday

The Relaxes

As often reiterated the Taureans are pretty laid back people. The fact that they are ruled by the earth often answers for the fact that they stay relaxed about things for the most part of their lives. They are stubborn and will probably not do anything until the logistics of a certain matter become utterly noticeable to them. They also do not tend to change their opinions about people pretty easily. Rather they will stick to it as adamantly as they can. Venus does make things a bit lethargic.

The Lover

Being ruled by the planet Venus and of course that they are earth signs, well it is a special mention that they are the heretic group of people who are star-struck to fall in love. Therefore sometimes it is a ‘dream come true’ if someone actually falls in love with a Taurus. They are very devoted to their partners and are not very fidgety and very fickle-minded when it comes to love. Therefore they are the compatibility choice of so many zodiacs.


Date: 20th January – 18th February

Ruling planet: Uranus

Ruling element: Air

Ruling House: Eleventh

Dominant quality: Fixed

Polarity: Positive

Lucky colour: Sky Blue

Lucky gem: Amethyst

Lucky day: Wednesday

The Idealised

Well, the Aquarius is very particular regarding things and therefore they actually idealise everything. Being ruled by Uranus, and air being their ruling element, they actually try to outsmart things. Most of the times they do succeed but sometimes they have a taste of their own medicines. They are logistical, analytical and very practical. They have an amazing hand at innovation and novelty. They, however, lack the dreaminess that Taurus might have.

The Lover

In a way, Aquarius is the kind of people that are meant to fall in love (well, who is not?). They are the air signs and therefore they love to move over new agendas and explore them, love included. They are compatible with so many people, as they love to make new contacts. They are not clingy and like most air signs, being with Aquarius is always as fresh and thrilling as it is in the beginning. Intellect, talent and perseverance always attract them.

The Love Story

The Date

Taurus, are ruled by the Earth and Aquarius is ruled by the air. Therefore where there is compatibility between elements there is compatibility in the zodiacs somewhere. The date is going to be casual and nothing out of the blue is going to happen. There might not be love at first sight. Therefore, timing it is. Give things some time to let both of you sink into each other. The Aquarius might be a bit hasty about the first instance exchanges, but the Taurus might take some time. Give them the benefit over here.

The Dig

It might not be easy from henceforth. Aquarius is ruled by air and therefore they might be getting a bit anxious and thinking about moving on. Taurus, being ruled by earth are actually a bit laid back. Therefore do not keep your partners waiting. It might have to happen anytime, then why not now. The indefinite nature of time is sometimes harmful to bonding. Most of the times you might miss the correct person in your way and fall for the wrong person too.

The Odds

As said it will not be a breeze in the face kind of thing. You might be elementally compatible (air and earth), but the personalities of each other might not suit for you. In such cases, go with the heart. If you feel you might strike a flame, then there is always a benefit in risking a match stick. Taurus is the relaxed state, Aquarius is fast-paced. Taurus are traditionalists, Aquarius is the novelty seekers. Taurus is passion-driven, Aquarius is material-driven. Taurus is the people with a ‘come what may’ attitude. Aquarius love control.

The Highlights

Air and Earth

As said, two elements like earth and sir when do show compatibility, there is a possibility that the two zodiacs also might show some compatibility. The thing is going against the odds are a bit difficult. Always. But if there is a bonding, you have to fight for it no matter what. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. Taurus is ruled by Venus. Even there is something in the planetary movement that these two planets move in the same direction against the movement of all the other planets. The only thing that may fall in crevices for you is timing.

Aspirer. Expirer

When the thing has come to timing, it is a step both of this tow have to take. If you think that there is a compatibility that is striking, or there are chances that there might be a sort of bonding that is taking shape, give it a thought, give it some time. Time is a great healer. Time lets things sink into the respective place where they belong. The pace of earth and air might be different. But even the Earth took time to become accustomed to the atmosphere. Therefore the time it is after all.

The Fixed Signs

Well, there can be two things regarding being fixed signs. Firstly, both the signs are power signs, that is, they have an imperialist agenda. They both will establish their territories and will rule it happily ever after against all the odds, making it one of the most powerful associations. On the other hand, there is the adamant nature of both the signs that might take an upper hand in the relationship. Both might not be able to come in terms upon a single thing. Well, air and water, Venus and Uranus. The calling is always yours.