Sometimes when the Vyaya Bhava has mentioned it is the 12th house in astrological science. In the Sanskrit Dictionary, Vyaya is defined as the conclusion, cost, expenditure, allocation, lavishness, loss, and prodigality. The 12th of every house illustrates how the house's resources will be disbursed. Actual wealth and assets come under the 2nd house, and the 12th to this house is the ascendant, the self, and we absorb all that we have. Similarly, our well-being and desire to feel fulfilled is the 4th house while the planets in the 3rd typically contribute to tension damaging or diminishing fulfillment. Each house is a component in a string.

Predictions made with the help of the 12th house:

The planets in the 12th house will affect the ascendant and our intellect positively, triggering shubha (auspicious) or ashubha (inauspicious) yoga. The 12th house also means the Kalapurusha (Cosmic Man)'s feet and shows the "gati" or direction that we are inclined to follow. As per Prarabdha karma (destined fate to be experienced in this lifetime, both positive and negative), this gati is based on our gunas (nature) as well as the situations we have to face in our lives. The "gauna pada or upa pada" that is used for the forecast of marriage is extracted from the reflection of the 12th house. The upapada indicates who we will be spending life with or who will be a witness to our karma. The 12th house deals with the concerns of past existence that we now have to tackle, questions that we are not completely aware of in our conscious mind. Indeed, as the 8th house is the 9th of the 12th house, they are debts from past lives. In the ninth house of that as well, the dharma in every house lies and the planets in the twelfth house reveal our debts to certain individuals and groups they serve. It is really important to be conscious of the essence of these planets to direct correctly in life while these past life concerns unfold.

Understanding the Concept of Nestr:

There are some planets in the twelfth house of the kundali which will take up the role of a priest at the time of your marriage. The planets which will work towards getting a partner in your life at all times are Rahu, Venus, Moon, and Sun. However, the planets that you should be careful from and which are likely to disturb your chances of getting married are Saturn, Mars, Mercury, and Ketu. The planets that are present in the twelfth house signify how external factors influence your life and cause you to develop certain habits naturally. This house will also tell you about the kind of person who will grab your attention. Venus is a very ideal planet that will make you want a very pure relationship. Whereas, the combination of the planet Jupiter and the planet Venus will make you want a partner who is well educated and has a good family. The presence of the Sun and Moon in the twelfth house will attract you towards a partner who holds a high rank in society and is adventures as well as full of courage. The combination of Moon and Mercury will make you want a partner who is involved in trade-related work. However, with planet Saturn in your twelfth house, you will automatically be attracted to a person who has a lower status in society or to someone who has some sort of addiction in his/her life. Now, since Rahu is considered to be nesta, it will make you attracted to a person who is from some foreign land or is widowed. Such a person can be divorced and you will still be attracted to him/her. Therefore, you should always read the kundali properly before making any sort of decision regarding your marriage or love life. The nature of your partner and the scope of your marriage will affect your future in many ways. A good partner will ensure your overall growth and will help you grow in your life. You will automictically have a happy married life with a secure future. Therefore, make decisions wisely.