The Negative Side of a Libra

The Negative Side of a Libra

Belonging to the element of air, Libras are personalities who are known for their beauty, charm, and joyful spirit. Born between the 22nd of September and the 22nd of October, Libras pride themselves on their well-balanced abilities. Libra is ruled by the planet of love, luxury, and comfort, aka, Venus. This only helps bring out a Libras charm and elegance. Libra is the seventh zodiac sign among the realm of zodiacs and is represented by the symbol of the scales. This again depicts a Libra's fantastic trait of maintaining a perfect balance in all areas of life. They strive for tranquility and peace in their lives and are often viewed as the peace-maker among their family and friends. Libras are also known to be one of the calmest people to be around who is always cheery about life and has an aura of joy radiating around them. Libras thrive on aesthetically appealing sights and love to enjoy whatever life has to offer. They are very generous beings and also crave self-indulgence. However, like all other zodiac signs, even a Libra has its share of negative traits. These traits are as dangerous as good are their positive qualities. Nobody is perfect and it is no different for a Libra. One fails to comprehend that the positive Libra is capable of changing colors so quickly. The rest of the article will talk about the negative characteristics a Libra possesses and what to do about them. 


Negative Traits a Libra has: 

Libras are superficial. As stated above, Libras love the joys life has to offer. They love indulging their senses, appreciate all the colors and rainbows and beauties of life, and crave aesthetics. They appreciate the little joys and the little efforts that come their way. However, this love comes with a dark side. The love for beautiful things sometimes transforms into an obsession for only pleasant and appealing items and things. This again transforms into a judgmental side of a Libra where they often avoid things that are not visually appealing to them. When this obsession goes on to judging the outward characteristics in people, that’s when you know a Libra is losing itself.

Libras are often self-indulgent. Libras are known to be one of the more charitable individuals among the rest of the signs. They are always there to extend a helping hand to whoever needs one. However, this trait is not always a full-time job as Libras tend to become very self-indulgent at times. If they are served the pleasantries of life, they often choose that over caring about others' feelings. If it makes a Libra happy, they can sometimes forget everything about others and go ahead in enjoying themselves.

Libras are known to be very indecisive. As stated before, Libras are known for maintaining peace and balance between their career and personal lives. However, they can often turn to be very indecisive in taking decisions in their quest for tranquility and balance. They could take the entire day to make a simple decision as they always want things to be perfect. Again, they keep switching decisions by opting for the first choice and changing back to the last. Anyone who has to deal with this side of a Libra knows how frustrating it can be!

Libras often get detached. Although. Due to the presence of Venus, Libras are known to be emotional creatures, they can get quickly detached very easily. You may be expecting a Libra to be their kind, peace-loving selves in handling certain situations but if they do not find it interesting or pertaining to their needs, they don’t hesitate to go numb and detached therefore giving their minimum attention to those scenarios. However, this often blinds a Libra to the harsh side of life. In any case, Libras tend only to look at the beautiful side and avoid any tough or rough situations. This attitude lets a Libra lose out on a lot of things and thus be unprepared at facing difficult struggles, challenges, and obstacles in which life brings its way. So, Libra, take notes, and don't be afraid to face struggles and difficult situations. Brace them with your natural grace and everything will automatically fall into place.