Astrology has been in existence since the Vedic science came into being. Human beings have been led by this science, as this science behaves like a compass guiding and helping humans decide their issues related to anything.

Help is required by every human being as we are desirous by nature. It is not just followed by Indians, but everywhere in the world people are consulting Astrologers or ‘Jyotish’. They do not go to astrologers like we Indians do, in fact, their first trip to an astrologer happens when they come across a phase where depression occurs.

They become very anxious to have encountered depression, unlike us Indians who are already prepared due to our Janam Kundali. Since we have already consulted a Jyotish we know the steps we need to take in order to get our life back on track.

Rather than getting some advice beforehand, these people who haven’t prepared their Kundali yet will continue to face odds and obstacles. If they do not succeed in some case, they will wish to continue to follow the same old routine and will turn their heads to the other side, not considering the problems to come from this side as well.

Why shouldn’t you read your own Kundali?

People come to astrologers when they come across too many hardships, to only follow their advice and suggestions half-heartedly. Their short-sighted view is to doubt the accuracy of an astrologer.

They do not believe completely in the words of the Jyotish and to cross-examine the facts or advices stated by the astrologer they surf the internet. But there are some natives who refrain from going to the astrologers in the first place itself.

They feel that they can learn the art of astrological science and will be able to prepare their Janam Kundali. Learning about the science of astrology isn’t a child’s play. It requires lots of dedication and experience.

One rule which the astrologer’s abode by and recommend as well is to never read your own Janam Kundali. A little misinterpretation or miscalculation can create a ruckus in one’s life.

Why is it better to consult an astrologer?

Now, none of the Vedas stops an individual from learning how to read Janam Kundlis. However, consulting an astrologer is always a better option.

According to normal human psychology, they tend to be emotional rather than logical. Due to this particular reason, people tend to apply half-knowledge while reading their own Janam Kundalis.

There are times when people are unable to use proper techniques and rules to read Janam Kundlis and this leads to improper results, with the presence of different doshas.

There can be times when people end up becoming partial while reading their kundlis and hence see what they want to see. This can lead to a biased and wrong output.


All in all, it is always advisable to consult a well versed and experienced astrologer to read the Janam Kundalis. Reading kundalis is an extremely important thing since it gives an insight into someone’s future.

A wrong interpretation can cause harm to someone and might also lead to wrong decisions in life. One thing to remember is that reading Janam Kundlis should not be considered a casual business and should not be done for fun.

It should be read-only when needed as it truly guides the future of a person. Any wrong decision can prove fatal as well. Thus, people who do not have adequate knowledge in the field of reading Janam Kundli should avoid this practice at all costs.

There can be times when people find something positive in the kundli and hence their will to improve themselves dies. This will ultimately lead to a failure in life as everyone has a scope for improvement.

On the other hand, wrong interpretation can lead to some negative sightings which can again push a person into stress and depression. Therefore, never read Janam Kundali on your own.

Astrologers are people who will use proper rules and techniques and will give you a clear picture of your future. They can also help you in finding remedial actions for any dosh if present in your life.