The Mystery Of Libra Constellation

The Mystery Of Libra Constellation

What is a Libra Constellation?

Libra Constellation is one of the constellations of the zodiac. Its place is in the southern sky. In Latin, the name of the constellation is ‘weighing scales’.It was 1st cataloged in the 2nd century by Ptolemy. Libra is generally demonstrated in the form of scales held by the Greek Goddess of justice dike, depicted by Virgo Constellation, the neighboring zodiac. Libra, the single zodiac constellation which represents the object, instead of any character or animal from mythology. A quadrangle is formed by the 4 brightest stars in this constellation. Beta Librae and Alpha Librae have also known as Zubeneschamali Zubenelgenubi, the brightest and second brightest stars respectively.

The concurrence date of the Zubenelgenubi and the sun changes over a long period of time. Around 3000 years ago, the Beta Libra star Zubenelgenubi and the sun were in concurrence on the Southern Hemisphere spring equinox which is the Northern Hemisphere Autumn equinox. Now after 3000 years in the future, the Libra star Zubenelgenubi and the sun will be in concurrence on the Southern Hemisphere summer solstice or Northern Hemisphere winter solstice.

However, indifferent of the constellation that is providing background on the September equinox for the sun, the sun is believed to be located at the 1st point of Libra at the time of crossing the celestial equator from north point to south point.

Finding Libra constellation in the night sky?

In size, the Libra constellation is the 29th constellation, and its location is in the Southern hemisphere in the third quadrant. It is visible by both, southern and northern hemisphere to the observers also can be watched in June during culmination as it is the best time to see it, when at latitudes in the middle of +65 degree and -90 degree. This constellation has a border of Virgo, Centaurus, and Serpens., Scorpius, Caput, Lupus, Ophiuchus, and Hydra constellations.

Important stars in the Libra constellation

The libra constellation is a fainted one with having 3 stars with familiar planets. No objects are attached to it and there is the association of one meteor shower, called may librids. Zubeneschamali or Beta Librae is the brightest star of Libra constellations. This is also a place to one oldest star and a notable sky object in the universe i.e Methuselah star.

 Libra Constellation Mythology

Although first demonstrated in the 2nd century by Ptolemy but was known by various other cultures and civilizations long ago before this. Greek had an Idea regarding the region of the sky, where it is situated as chelae ‘the claws’ and considered it to be the part of the Scorpius constellation. When Rome was discovered in the 1st century, it was the same time the connection with scales was made, as per the astrologers, on that day moon was located in Libra. Romans linked the constellation to the autumn equinox, a day in which day and night time is equally balanced. In old times Rome, the libra was the only sign depicting the object instead of a mythology character or an animal. The people of Rome observed it as symbolizing justice and balance among the public. The very first people to discover the link of Libra with balance and justice were Babylonians in around 2000 BC, they named it “the balance of heaven” They interpreted the Libra constellation as scorpion scissors, and the same was observed by Arabic astronomers. As the relationship with balance initiates, The object and symbol of weighing scales and this constellation has always been explained as the Greek Goddess of Justice holding the scales, which is depicted by the Virgo constellation. An Interesting fact, Libra, being a part of the Scorpius constellation is the brightest Beta Libra star which has the name Zubeneschamali, the translation is the “Northern Claw” and for the Alpha Libra star, named Zubenelgenubi it is translated to the “Southern Claw”. International Astronomical Union officially recognized this constellation and listed it among 88 modern constellations. It holds importance in both astronomy and astrology. Astrologers believe that Libra is the 2nd air sign, and the ruling planet is Venus. Though Astrology and Astronomy are interrelated, the celestial bodies positioning have a particular influence on human life, but that is unfounded by most astronomers of the modern-day.