The Mutable Pisces

The Mutable Pisces

People born from February 19 to March 20 belong to this most compassionate zodiac sign, Pisces. Pisces born are very caring and selfless. They are known for their care and concern. They are always ready to help and nothing stops them from being sympathetic.  Just like their element water, Pisces is a true giver. They quench the thirst of everyone in need and are vital for living.

Why do Pisces have water as their element?

Pisces are very compassionate and down to earth. They can easily blend in with people and help everyone. They are people who are often taken granted. Just like how water gets polluted and yet the river bodies carry it, Pisces born are also like that. They get hurt and offended and yet they do not stop being caring and considerate. Even though they are victims, they still hear the call for help.  They can easily trust everyone and anyone and sometimes that pulls them down. They are scared of people being disappointed in them instead of being proud of them. They are born selfless and they are natural givers.  Pisces born are naturally attracted to water and many tend to love swimming and getting into a spiritual trance.

What are the lucky numbers of Pisces?

To match the characteristics of the strong giver Pisces, numbers 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24 tend to be in their favor according to the astrology.  Number 3 is a very common favored number among the Pisces.

Which planet governs the Pisces?

Neptune governs the zodiac sign Pisces. In Egyptian mythology, Neptune is considered to be the God of the Sea. Neptune is connected to the sweet flow of music and the river waves. They can be dangerous as the storm and as selfless as the river. Pisces are very caring and compassionate. Their generosity is beyond measure. They tend to have an intuitive understanding of life and its cycle and thus they achieve the best emotional bonding with other signs.  They are never judgmental and always giving.

What are the characteristics of Pisces?

Pisces are born with wisdom and are very calm. They fight for their loved ones and can have tremendous anger. It is hard to win a fight with Pisces over an issue that involves their loved ones. They are most tolerant of all the sun signs.  They make the best friendship bonds as they are extremely devoted and loyal.

They are very frank about things in a very gentle way. They do not hesitate to forgive and give second chances any number of times. They can make everyone very comfortable and help them open up to them easily.  They are easily approachable and they make the best decisions that can benefit both the parties. 

They are born with creative skills and have very unique ideas to make a living. They are people who make their passion their living and their profession their hobby. They are amazing initiators of charity. With their easy approachability, they can make many hearts melt and make them work their way.  They do not expect anything in return for their selflessness other than a warm smile and hug.

How romantic is Pisces?

Pisces are incorrigible romantics in nature. They are very loyal and gentle which makes them amazing partners. They make their love life very exciting with unique and creative ideas. They do not like to have routines. They have the ability to make their routine love life very interesting and exciting. Their generosity helps to make them very understanding partners.  They wait a really long time to find their soul mates because they cannot settle for less. They need very loyal and devoted partners. They do not entertain short term or just for fun love life. They need very accepting and understanding partners. They are the best people to solve any disputes and misunderstandings. They can help to maintain a peaceful relationship. They need partners who are expressive and open as they are.  They are attracted to anyone who completely opens up to the. They are people who get connected emotionally and then physically.

What are Pisces's strengths and weaknesses?

Pisces are born to be a giver. They are very generous and compassionate. They are born gentle and understanding. With great aura, they tend to attract people with open hands. Their strength is their love. They are excellent with music and creativity. With their creative skills, they can become great inventors. Their only weakness is they can be over-trusting people and they are taken granted. They become victims and yet they forgive people who hurt them.