The Most Powerful Crystal for each Zodiac Sign

The Most Powerful Crystal for each Zodiac Sign

Crystals are healing tools which help to maintain the balance of the mind, body and spirit. It reduces stress and improves the overall quality of life. Crystals or stones are very appealing to one's eye. They are colourful, big and of different shapes and sizes which attracts the individual. It is also believed to be effective in various illnesses like headaches, migraines and asthma. These stones or crystals work through the vibration of the chakras having their own energy. Our body is comprised of seven chakras and these stones correspond to the seven chakras. The crystals help in meditation also. It helps spiritually helps connect with the earth and the soul. They have their unique energies and properties. Connecting astrology with these crystals helps in self-development. When these two powers have united an era of self-discovering oneself begins. It will help you discover your inner talents and energies and put those energies in the right direction. So, astrology or your zodiac signs helping you know which crystal is best for you so that you can channelise your energies in the right direction. They will enhance your natural powers and strength and unleash your hidden talents. Let’s explore which crystals would work best as per your birth sign.


The fierce and energetic Aries should use the crystal carnelian. The ruling sign of all the signs should go for this crystal as it will restore vitality and motivation among the individuals. It gives courage and promotes positive thoughts. It is considered to maintain the balance of the body’s energy levels. It well matches with the leadership and courageous personality of the Aries as this stone is considered to be the stone of leadership, strength and courage.


The peace-loving and calm nature of the Taurus well relates with the qualities of the Rose quartz. This stone is the stone of compassion, love, harmony and peace. It helps connect the family and friends together. It is also appealing to the ones who have a love for beauty and nature and Taurus has a great sense of aesthetics. It circulates a positive aura and energy into the environment. It provides contentment and happiness also.


For the Geminis, the best crystal to look for is the citrine which corresponds well with the personality of the Gemini. This stone awakens the creativity and imagination in times of difficulty. This stone helps to find solutions to the problems and manifests positive thinking in the environment. Geminis are lively and versatile which goes well with the energising and life-giving quality of the stone.


This sensitive, intuitive and loving sign can best opt for the moonstone. It is a sign of endurance, empathy and wisdom. It is a protective stone for the travellers, it is also used by the prophets. It influences our spirituality, behaviours and emotions which connects well with the balanced and emotional cancer.


This particular sign will do good when using the tiger eye crystal. This stone maintains harmony and balance, relieves stress and tension. It provides courage, will power and energy to do things. It also enhances creativity and maintains the balance of the mind and body.


The Virgos are the perfectionists and work in a very systematic manner. They are very analytical and so they try to do all the things to perfection but in a jiffy. So, the Red Jasper stone will help them focus and avoid that jiffy and allow them to be calm and relaxed even if it doesn’t work that perfectly. It also brings clarity and practicality to all the things.


Libras are charming and peaceable. The stone lapis lazuli goes well with the Libras. It maintains harmony and boosts self-knowledge. It brings self-confidence, inner peace and purifies our soul. It strengths the bond and relationship with one another. It is pleasing to see as it soothes the mind resonating with the good sense of beauty and art of Libra.


The deep, intense personality of this sign makes malachite suitable for them. They cannot trust easily. They are quite secretive and emotional. That is why they resonate well with the malachite stone. It helps fight depression and emotions. It draws out negative feelings from one's mind and makes them feel wanted. They have great instincts and this stone helps them to clear their vision.


The turquoise is believed to bring good luck and prosperity and the free-spirited and optimistic Sagittarius the combination of both can manifest dreams into reality.


The stone jade is supposed to bring good luck, wealth and prosperity which the Capricorn has always longed for. It attracts wisdom and promotes self-sufficiency. It increases love and friendship. It stimulates ideas and brings out the creativity of the individual.


For the Aquarius, the aquamarine crystal would be the most suitable. This stone good luck, fearlessness and protection. It calms and soothes and tries to maintain the harmony of the body with the soul. This stone also promotes humanity and encourages service to the nation which is one of the best qualities of Aquarius who work for humanity.


Pisces is spiritual and artistic the best crystal for them is amethyst. Amethyst promotes spirituality and creativity. It is believed to suppress evil thoughts and bring positivity and connect them to the divine power. It promotes understanding and wisdom. It boasts the imagination of the Pisces and stimulates their thinking process.

Crystal can change anyone’s life and spell its magic in your life, the solution to all your problems. Hope you found this article helpful. I know many of you might not be a big fan of crystals or stones. But you might at least like it for its beauty or aura. So, why not try it for healing ourselves and getting relieved from the pain and trauma that we are going through. It might not work 100 per cent for you but at least will help you a bit and that makes much of a difference.