The Moon Causes a Muddled State of Mind- Different Phases of the Moon to Mood

The Moon Causes a Muddled State of Mind- Different Phases of the Moon to Mood

Living in an Indian Society, Im sure that all of you might have been instructed about the lunar eclipse or the solar eclipse while you were young. Our elders used to believe that looking at the sun or the moon during the cursed days harmed your physical as well as mental state. Speaking of impacts, even though the millennial generation does not really believe in the superstitious charms of astrology, but the impact of the Moon sure does take a toll on our lives.

You believe it or not but the astrologically ruling planet of the moon tends to have an unimaginable impact on several aspects of life on earth. You must have heard that the moon is strong enough to control the tides and waves of oceans, so if thats the case then it doesn't seem too much of a stretch to claim that the moon tends to impact the moods and emotions of our personalities. After all, the moon is known to be a planet of emotions and feelings, so congratulations!! you all have something you can throw the blame at for your extreme mood swings demented emotions.

Dont believe us? Well then have a look at a few ways the moon can affect your daily moods.

Full Moon indicates violent behavior 

Well, dont get excited you might not turn into a superpower under the influence of a full moon, but you might adapt some violent streaks. It sure does sound spooky, but that is the amount of power the full moon holds. If youre feeling a little extra anxious, reckless or violent in terms of your reactions well then that is not just a general mood swing, instead, the full moon is to be blamed.

According to several scientists and experiments, the studies indicate that there are numerous cases of aggravated assault, homicides, suicides, and even psychological troubles under the influence of a full moon. We dont mean to bore you out by giving you the statistical details, but were just giving you a reason to blame the moon for your unpredictable mood swings.

New Moon initiates inner communication 

As per the astrological definitions, the new moon suggests a certain sense of low, you might not be able to spot the moon in the sky which medals that youll be devoid of the light making you feel low and depressed. If youve been feeling low lately then that might be because of the new moon. Coming to terms with your inner self or going into the phase of self-introspection in search of your natural feelings, is what the arrival of a new moon indicates.

Moreover, if you have been looking for motivation for a new start then the new moon brings in such new opportunities and all you need to do is to reflect upon your abilities and set your moves right to ace your desires. All in all, your inner communication is the result of a new moon, which marks the advent of a new lunar cycle, so gear up and welcome the opportunities coming your way.

The first half of the Lunar cycle attracts motivation

Speaking of the different phases of the moon and the effect on our lives, initially we mentioned that the lunar cycle is not meant to give you some superpowers, but we may have been wrong about that. The first half of the lunar cycle sure does introduce you with a streak of motivation, the moment the moon begins to expand, you will notice that your energy and inspiration levels are a little heightened.

You might be in a mood to begin something new due to the fresh wave of motivation that knocks on your door. Starting new projects and grabbing the new opportunities that you find is what the impact of the moon brings in.

The full moon accompanies Anxiety

Too much of everything and anything is harmful, since the full moon marks the advent of an energetic wave in your life then you may tend to be all excited and motivated to a level that is out of control.

This much energy might not even take a blink to turn into anxiety, the full moon due to tons of extra intensity it tends to escalate the levels of tension and anxiety in ones mind. Intensifying your emotions is probably not a very good sign. So, the full moon causes your innate intensity to bring out the tensed side of your personality.