The Moodiest Zodiac Signs EVER!

The Moodiest Zodiac Signs EVER!

We all know that one person who is like a bomb, can explode anywhere, anytime and even with just the tiniest bit of push. They have mood swings, and severe anger issues, sometimes combined with anxiety attacks and a very small emotional tolerance.

If you are that person, or if you know that person, then you know just how much effort goes into ensuring that everything goes your way so that you don't lose your shit. Well, we are here to tell you that maybe, just maybe, your zodiac sign is responsible for the moods that you are so known for.

Yes, you did read that right: your mood swings might just be the response from your planetary positions that you require something in life you are desperately missing, or even an indication of what your future might hold. So here is a list of the five moodiest zodiac signs who will most definitely benefit from knowing that their stars are not aligned as per the expectations of normal human beings:  



Did you expect that? Well, good guess! Being the first of the fire signs, it is not unusual neither unlikely that Aries ends up on this list. If you are an Aries or know one then you know well enough how bad the anger is, and especially how fast it goes and how it too. Aries are unable to hide their emotions from people and this ends up in them feeling everything and nothing all at once, which can be dangerous for people around them and so exhausting for them, too. But worry not, Aries. Your mood swings are usually an indication of how you need some love, and you shall be completely fine once you find it in someone you know all too well. Our advice? Talk to someone you know, someone who understands why you are the way you are, and you will be just fine, Aries.  


You Gemini, probably know this better than anyone; your mood swings can be very extreme, and they have the ability to last for days. One moment is happy, and the next seems sad, but the sad moment may last at least a couple of days. This is because of the two distinct personalities that you hide from the entire world.

You can be cold Gemini, completely chilled out, and then on the floor crying about a stupid boy who broke your heart and it is all eventually a part of who you are. So what is the cure? Simple and plain reassurance. You crave this, you crave the attention that everyone willingly gives you and you absolutely need someone to constantly remind you of why they love you and find you perfect. Your mood should get better as soon as this happens!   


Well, if you did not see this coming, then you definitely do not know yourself well enough, Cancer. This sign has been regarded as the most emotional sign ever, as you have a tendency to feel everything and anything on a deeper level. You are perhaps the only sign who can cry to a dog video for absolutely no reason, Cancer, and there is no shame in admitting it!

You also have a tendency to tell the world how you feel, often at the top of your voice, and this happens a lot with you, because you declare things especially when you feel moody. And that is exactly what you need to continue doing, along with a little bit of ice-cream and someone who ;listens to everything you say!  


You Scorpio, are very sneaky! AT first you seem like the most calm and composed person to have ever graced earth, but slowly you reveal your true colours! You are always broody, and want people to know why you are being broody all the time, too! You have a mysterious aura which scares people away all the time, but more often than not is extremely harmless.

Our advice would be to interact more with people! This will help you remain calm  throughout the good and the bad, and make you happy and stable!  


You Pisces, love to express your emotions through your art. You also get bothered by the simplest of things and have a hard time dealing with new people and new things, but worry not, for the closest of the close are what you need, and for your mood swings you just need someone to get you your art palette!