With time the youth have an interesting opinion on kundali matching. They do not believe in the concept of arranged marriages and prefer love marriages over arranged marriages. But because of the times changing, and the divorce rates going up higher, youngsters prefer to have arranged marriages rather than love marriages, and their opinion on this is admirably funny if not logical.

They say that in the case of arranged marriages, you do not know the person well, and the initial years of marriage involve in you getting to know the person and getting comfortable with your partner.

After that, you may or may not have children and your time does rotate between your child, your job and then your partner and you.

By the time, you have free time to explore yourselves much better and to even realise that maybe the both of you are not meant for each other, it is too late to rectify and you learn to get along well. It is all about the compromise.  

Why do they prefer playing their own match makers? 

Well, kundali matching does require trust, and in the world of today, to trust someone who is a complete stranger and is apparently going to match your partner and your janam kundali is hard to believe.

They believe in science and computers. That is why kundali matching as well has gotten more advance, and kundali matching can be done online as well.

This means that they just need to upload and fill in the personal details of their partner and theirs, like their date of birth, place of birth and time of birth, and they will have the results much sooner as compared to what time it would have taken an astrologer to do.

This process also involves less amount of money and is cost effective, so this method is again, quite loved by the youth. 

What is kundali matching and why should it be done? 

First of all, the main purpose behind kundali matching is to know the longevity of the marriage, and to ensure that the marriage is a happy one which is filled with more highs than lows.

Many of the times, kundali matching also predicts the major obstacles the couple would be facing in their married life and it would also provide solutions and guide them to get over those obstacles.

For the people who do not know, kundali matching is the matching of kundalis where you come to know how compatible are your partner and you together, and whether the marriage between the both of you will be an auspicious one or will it bring sadness to the families that are going to be united as one, and destroy the harmony of both the houses.

It may sound as an impossible task or even a herculean concept, but that is the beauty of kundali matching.

It provides reasons and explanations for almost everything and even predicts if there will be any doshas in the kundalis of your partner or yours, because the presence of doshas could destroy a household.

It could cause the death of the partner, or financial loss which could result in the separation of the individuals who are to be married, or even results in the divorce.

To prevent all of this, the trauma, the angst, the disruption of harmony between the people in a house, kundali matching predicts all of this beforehand and even warns the individuals of what may happen or why it will happen.  

This is why kundali matching is done, and why the elders in your family recommend it because they have seen and experienced the power of kundali matching, and that is why you should do it as well.