Kundli matching otherwise known as horoscope matching is one of the important factors considered by Indian parents while making an approach to marriage. This has been a tradition being carried on from a long time and its mention in various scriptures is addressed and stated by parents. The process of matching kundlis or horoscopes of the prospective couple is a tedious and time-consuming process where the matching can take from a few days to a few weeks or months. While the world racing past many things, being stuck and being stopped is not something the modern generation encourages. To attend these needs, many websites and online platforms that offer kundli matching have become available. The authenticity of these websites has garnered a position of doubt and questionable nature by renowned astrologers, but, the preference of these by the younger generation has been rising ever since. There have been various reasons for the success of these websites and the rising popularity can be easily understood by the number of clients they get from the youth.

Online kundli matching process

Matching kundlis prior to marriage is a matter of sentimental nature to parents, making it a common process. Offline or the traditional Kundli matching processes take varying time making it a time consuming process. Often Kundlis do not match in the first go and wasting time for each Kundli separately is a difficult process to attend to. This problem is resolved by the online platforms where the results are generated instantaneously without eating away much time. They ask for basic details such as name at birth, date, place and time of birth. These details will generate the compatibility report of the prospective couple within a short span. A few websites also suggest the remedies to be done in order to eliminate the doshas and defects present in either of the horoscopes, making the match a compatible one. There is another problem with the offline matching of horoscopes in the form of monetary issues. Most astrologers who take up the process of matching kundlis or horoscopes charge a high fee which needs to be paid for each horoscope being matched. This will become a burden on those approaching the astrologers, causing problems. The online platforms are either free or charge a reasonable amount for giving a detailed horoscope compatibility report. While consulting general astrologers, the amount to be given for the dosha nivarana puja or the ceremonial worships done to remove the negative impacts will have to be given separately and this is a major reason youth prefer online matching of horoscopes.

The authenticity of the horoscopes

While many online platforms have emerged in a very short span, the number of websites offering proper and trustable readings are very few. These websites and other platforms can be approached easily and the solutions can be obtained easily too but these are based on nothing but codes. These codes can go wrong in most cases and unlike traditional astrology do not analyze each and every aspect, mild and important. This will be a drawback while searching horoscope matching for marriage as every small detail might be an important one to address. The codes run sooner and the results are faster along with being cheaper making this a reason for people to give major considerations. Another reason for the growing popularity of these platforms among youth is the growing accord to take individual and independent decisions especially regarding marriage. The fact that an astrologer who typically would know nothing much about each of the individuals will be bestowed with the authority to decide their life partners has become an unacceptable fact for the modern generation. These reasons do not indicate the mistake of any of the parties, but a mutual factors list that needs to be considered.

Balancing the factors

While the traditional astrologers can come forward by reducing the charges they keep for reading horoscopes, younger generation who believe in matching of horoscopes need to understand that this process cannot be done in a matter of few minutes or seconds and the codes running these sites cannot be totally trusted. For those who do not believe in these traditions, there is a better way of convincing rather than doing the procedure as a namesake. This will rather hurt the feelings of those who suggested the process in the first place rather than making it an easier one. Thus, a methodology that is specific to this process needs to be followed without much compromise.