The Miraculous Powers Of Om

The Miraculous Powers Of Om

The emergence of the word comes up from the time of around 1500 to 1200 B.C when the word was extracted from the Vedas, discovered of that time period. This word was used between spiritual hymns and praises of the Lord.

Om is the carrier of the energy of life force. It is followed and practiced in both the religion: Hinduism, Buddhism, and also parts of Jainism. It is present in almost all the mantras that is related to create, nourish, prosper, and understanding.

Om is the invisible string that connects us to the Supreme Lord and makes the mantra more powerful when they are chanted using this powerful word.

According to the Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads, through the scriptures, it is found that it is the timeless word creating a channel of power among the Trinity.

Om is the first sound that the entire universe creates by emitting out the vibrations it forms. This sound was extracted during the time of the explosion of the golden womb and through that explosion, God molded the Universe in its own forms. For the Vedas, the Chandogya Upanishad mentions calling Om as Brahma, the timeless consciousness.

Thus, this mantra is an effective one for destroying all that takes away an individual’s inner peace and happiness.

In today’s era, Om is a very colloquial word when we visit classes or sessions of Yoga classes. A meditation routine is followed where this word is chanting to understand the body in a whole different level. It is the medium to connect to your own soul through the echoes of the word, Om.

According to the Vedas, Om is the epitome of three different Values or Gunas. They are:

Tamas, which is the significance of ignorance and the mind involved in materialistic pleasure and darkness. This is also a condition when an individual is awake or in his/her consciousness.

Rajas, which is the significance of compassion, zeal, and madness to create something. This is also a time period when an individual in his/her dream condition.

Sattva, which is the significance of pure soul, light mind, and the ultimate truth. This phase occurs during profound sleep or pure subconsciousness.

Om has an authentic and spiritual effect when connected with the Universe. It frees the individual from the dark days and evokes the life with light. Along with the mental healing, it also acts as an antidote for physical healing as well. It helps to bring peace to the mind by calming it down and soothes the nervous system. It is effective in lowering the blood pressure level, promoting a safe heart.

Significance and Benefits derived from chanting OM:

Om helps in keeping the body healthy from inside due to the vibrations that occur inside our mind and body while chanting it. It helps in feeling rejuvenated as well.

It creates a positive aura around the individual that makes them open to miracles.

It helps in creating a good level of focus and concentration which helps in achieving anything at any situation.

It opens up the sinus related to the Throat chakra by clearing it.

Om helps in overpowering controls over the fear and anxiety, keeping us away from darkness.

With the chanting of Om, it creates an exercise for the face, making it glow from inside.

It helps in the improvement of the hormones, increasing the immunity level and generating more healthy movements, improving communicative powers and strengths as well.

While chanting the word Om, an aura of immense relaxation creates which takes us to the subliminal state of mind. It influences the better quality of the vocal cords and muscles that are very important for the musicians.

It is beneficial for the health of the stomach. By chanting Om, it eases out the muscles and pain that occurs in the stomach and thus proven as a healer of stomach ache.

It is also proven to improve the eyesight towards spiritualism by chanting this powerful mantra.

Religious chanting of this powerful word helps in improving the performance, energy, and mood. It is highly effective in designing both the personal and professional life with happiness and prosperity.

Om is the key to unfold the kundalini forces coiled up inside the body. That is why, it influences the spinal cord at the utmost, which is linked to the 7 kundalini chakras.

Methods of chanting Om:

Om is an auspicious word and can be chanted almost anywhere and everywhere. It saves you whenever you chant it.

The best possible method for chanting this word is to sit on the mattress cross-legged. The back, spinal cord, and the head should be kept in the vertical position, avoiding any bend.

Then you need to close your eyes and forget everything and start focusing on the breath that you take in. After taking a breath in, initiate the chanting of the word Om.

Focus on the echoes of your own voice while chanting it. It helps to bring in the concentration if you feel distracted.

This should be repeated three times.

The process is quite simple but this needs to be followed for a better understanding of lifestyle and most importantly, it reveals to us what we really are.

This word is not religious and is found in many religions yet hold the power of the full Universe.