The meaning of spirituality in our life

The meaning of spirituality in our life

What is spirituality?

The word spirituality comes from Sanskrit which means adhyatma. The word Adhyatma is derived by adding two words, adhi which means understanding the needs of the soul and atma means the soul within. The soul is one of the main aspects of our body which connects us to a world of self-realization and a feeling that only our body and mind understands. When you attain spirituality you are driven towards a holistic experience towards the divine and a world without contemplation and doubts. You are not stuck with what’s right and what is not but you start to realize that there is a different world beyond these questions and there is where your loyalty lies. You upgrade your body statistics and start blending into the simpler aspects of life which requires self -care and acceptance of what you are and the purpose of your living on this earth. How deeply you are connected to the real element of your mind and how strong you are in your thought process is known to be the phenomenon of Spirituality.

Spirituality is different than being religious.

 In religion you accept a deity to be your sole leader; you worship them with full power and loyalty and abide by their ethics and functions. You are restricted to a boundary and you feel violated when something disturbs your peace and ideologies, whereas spirituality is one common base wherein you let your conscious lead you, you are open-minded and treat every worldly aspect as one single form. You are not restricted to the norms of religion, neither you have to perform any rites to actually feel connected to the god, the sole connection you feel is with your mind and soul and everything falls into perspective. No matter what language you speak, what traditions you follow, for your knowledge is the only power you believe in and feel connected to.

Why is spirituality important to us?

A lot of problems are solved immediately when we start to believe the simpler and true versions of our problems and shortcomings. It is said that knowledge is power and that power multiplies when you use it in enlightening yourself and your surroundings.  Spreading your teachings and knowledge is one of the things even god has always asked us to do. Making people aware that not everything falls under the rules and restrictions of religion, science and so many more broad terms but connecting to one’s journey and path of struggle and maturity is how you walk on a path of being spiritual in nature. It’s not a course you complete by going to a school; it’s how you liberate yourself from everything that has been pulling you to down to dust and stopping you to make peace with yourself.

Purpose of life and spirituality

you might feel that earning good, owning a car and a bungalow will give you a purpose to live. But hasn’t this surfaced once in your life that even though you have everything you still feel empty, disconnected and always worried? our purpose of life has been shaped by our daily needs and survival but we often forget to connect to the brighter and less complex elements of life. It’s a trusted formula, when you leave all your worries behind and assemble your pieces together you feel complete, no amount of cards and houses can buy that peace for you. Momentary pleasures and incomes can only fill your pockets and buy you materialistic things around but it’s hard to find that one aspect of life which gives you satisfaction and restores your confidence and trust in you. The purpose of our life is way beyond the battle of materialistic and non-materialistic things around us. Our purpose is to find ourselves in the purest form and keep it intact, nourished and unfiltered.

Ways to nurture your spiritual life

there are numerous paths to attain the idea of spirituality and various stages that bring you closer to this element of life like mediation, bhakti, worship, chanting and devotion  but from our end we can maintain a happy and calm peace of mind through these simple steps:

1)  Keep a check of your intentions.

our intentions are the mirror to your soul. The pure form of becoming someone who is true to himself is when you have good intentions. Focusing your intentions towards your dreams and goals is the primary thing in your life; your actions are the catalyst towards your destiny and fate. Never try to indulge in something that proves you had bad intentions like wishing the other to fail or doing something hideous that infects your energy and aura around you.

2) See yourself and everyone in a positive light

never judge a book by its cover and never think bad about them. everyone has their own struggles which they choose not to share with the world that doesn’t mean they aren’t loyal and true in their own life. Learn to believe in their journey and their achievements and wish a healthy life for everyone around you. Help the needy, uplift the deserving people and make this place a better environment to live in. in respect to this, don’t forget to let yourself e the primary concern by not doubting your power and constantly picturing yourself in a bad light because if you can’t trust yourself you cannot trust anybody around you keeping you unhappy and morally down always. Think good, feel good and behave appropriately and starts all this by uplifting yourself in your own eyes. Never think low and keep your intentions high and positive.

3) Learn to let go

start by forgiving yourself and the people around you who might have had made few mistakes in the past. The first step to anything holy and peaceful is clearing your mind from all the grudges and giving your mind enough space to imbibe knowledge that is necessary.