Usually, when we see the death card in our Tarot card reading, we are petrified. Death is something that scares the most of us but here, when it comes to Tarot cards, death does not exactly mean the death of a loved one or death of someone you care about or even your own death.

It means represents the end of something, most like a relationship or a friendship or even a phase of life or a habit. But usually, the end of something also means the start of something new, a new beginning or even an awareness of yourself or even about some quality of yours you had no idea about. 

The meaning behind the death card in Tarot 

The death card in the tarot is thirteenth card of the Major Arcana and is depicted by a grim reaper or even a skeleton who is armored and is riding a white horse waving a black flag which has an emblem of a white flower. Whenever you find the death card in your Tarot readings, it means that it is the end of a dark phase in your life.

This phase could be a relationship that was toxic and filled with sadness or just the end of something that plagued you for the longest time and just brought you unhappiness. The death card actually represents the start of something new and filled with happiness and love.  

The skeleton on the death card represents your old habits that has gone for too long and is extremely unhealthy and always made you unhappy. But you could not do anything about it, because like I said, it is an old habit that you could not break off but you just finally did come out of it. You finally realized that these habits were having a negative effect on your life and was affecting you in a way that brought continuous unhappiness. The white flower emblem on the black flag represents the start or the beginning of a new phase, a phase of healing and happiness, a new start of something more positive. The five petaled flower also stands for the spirit which means that the presence of this card in your tarot reading is going to bring in positive changes in your life. This means that it is time to let go of that toxic relationship, habit or person that brings you unhappiness and sadness in your life, and allow yourself to finally heal from all that trauma and hurt, and move on with your life and grow as a person. 

The significance the card has on your Tarot readings 

The presence of the death card in your tarot card readings is the sign that you have to let go of those toxic relationships in your life to give way for a happier life, new opportunities and personal self growth. The death card guides you to grow out of these toxic habits and the unhappy ways of life you lead, and even helps you to break the pattern of behavior that not only adversely affected you but others as well. You do not need that old baggage that you keep lugging around on your shoulders and it is finally time to let go.  

You do not need that kind of toxic behavioral habits in your life and these actually pull you back, rather than push you forward in life. The card signifies that the time has come to cut these habits and relationships off that bear no fruit but only bring in harm to you.

On the deeper level, the death card signifies that you will be going through major physical growth and transformation which will enable you to grow more mature. You will start feeling better, and your outlook will change towards life and you will start perceiving your actions and other people’s actions much maturely. You will find yourself to be more understanding and more mature about opinions and how you react to them.

For you, it will be more about your peace of mind, and your happiness, you will place yourself as the first priority rather than others, or their happiness.  




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