The Marvels and Melancholies of a Cancer-Leo Cusp

Both Cancers and Leos are two very different people with two very different personalities. Born between the 20th of June and the 22nd of July, Cancers are one of the most intuitive beings with traits of extreme loyalty and generosity. Cancer belongs to the water sign and is represented by the symbol of the crab. They are overly sensitive creatures who have excessive mood swings at times. Cancers are ruled by the beautiful Moon, the reason for their deeply set emotions. On the other hand, comes a Leo, proud, bold, and beautiful always searching for the limelight. Born between the 22nd of July and the 22nd of August, Leos are people who love stability in life and are driven towards their goal. Leos are vibrant personalities represented by the fierce and strong lion. They are ruled by the Sun and belong to the element of fire. 

Ever wondered what happens if a person is a mix of both? Drama, that’s what! 

People born between the 19th of July and the 25th of July come under the Cancer-Leo cusp and are very influential people. They are born during the cusp of oscillation and thus embody a wide range of traits ranging from both positive and negative factors. A person belonging to the Cancer-Leo Cusp is ruled by two contrasting planetary bodies- the Sun and the Moon. These two celestial bodies are benefic planets and thus can bring a lot of positive outcomes, however, the difference in the energies may also cause immense problems if not handled well. One must learn how to cleverly oscillate between the two and balance them out to get the benefits of both by both feeling and expressing your emotions while maintaining a stable stature. 

Cancer-Leo Cusp is also ruled by two contrasting elements which are fire and water. This is a very diverse shift and plays to how their personality chalks itself out. They will be calm, shy, and serene just like water, and suddenly experience extreme emotions, a need for drama, and fierce strength and confidence in a matter of seconds. Their personality keeps oscillating between these two which makes others confused about reading your personality. They are both a born leader and a romantic as they are a mix of the personalities of a Cancer and a Leo. A Cancer-Leo cusp possesses a lot of generosity within them which makes them a very approachable personality. The only thing needed is to maintain perfect sync between the conflicting energies and voila! You will be one of a kind!


Positive Traits :

A Cancer-Leo cusp is a born leader and impacts their influence on most around them. They possess a natural trait of getting things done their way without affecting others’ opinions. They are extremely caring, warm, and gentle (when needed) which makes others comfortable in sharing their feelings. These people feel very deeply but also can control their emotions and not let it affect or interfere in their lifestyle. Cancer-Leo cusps love making it big and thus leave their mark on the stage of the world. They are creative, passionate, and extremely devoted to what they do. They have the potential to help society and communities at a large with their intense personalities. 


Negative Traits:

The cosmic balance of a Cancer-Leo cusp is very fragile as it is ruled by contrasting elements and planets. In the case of a disbalance in both, the person can feel overwhelmed by emotions and slowly start losing themselves. They must always be aware of their emotions and how they feel at all times. They have the risk of becoming overly dramatic, aggressive, and embody within themselves an excess of traits which are not favored. This sudden change from a gentle being to an aggressive passive monster can result in the loss of friends and family members. Thus, the Cancer-Leo cusp must always be aware of when their personalities lose their blend and start taking up separate statutes. The weakness of this sign lies in becoming too theatrical, sensitive, expressing too many emotions without any control, becoming dependent on others, and possessing traits of being volatile. 

To conclude, a Cancer-Leo cusp person is very special and can do wonders if they can correctly balance out the contrasting energies within them. Once they do, no one can come in their way to conquer the world. The key- balance!


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