The Map to Deciphering a Taurus Man

The Map to Deciphering a Taurus Man

Taurus is the second among all the astrological signs. Taurus spans from 30 to 60 degrees of the zodiac and is represented by the symbol of the bull. As the symbol of the bull, Taurus is strong and fierce, always pushing ahead to be independent.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and falls under the element of earth. Being an earth element, Taurus is wise, sensual, stable, and very grounded. They rule the physical world and are reliable individuals. Taurus’ are also trustworthy people and can do well in the business and professional world. Born between the 19th of April and the 20th of May, Taurus individuals are people who are stoic and determined and have a materialistic approach towards life. However, like the bull, Taurus is also known for its stubbornness.

Like all other zodiacs, Taurus is a blend of positives and negatives. Do you find yourself falling for a Taurus man? Here is a guide to deciphering the personality of a Taurus man!


The Life of a Taurus Man:


Personality Traits:

Taurus men may be tough, rough, big, and ruly to look like, they are also ruled by the planet of love- Venus. This means this bull has a side to himself that enjoys the simple joys of life. Instead of imagining the furious red bull charging at you with huffing nostrils, you may imagine a bull sitting peacefully in a corner, occasionally sniffing flowers and letting out a small and charming laugh. Now, that’s your Taurus man! The Taurus man is a lover over a fighter. However, if you push him where it hurts, the grudge manages to remain unhinged for very long. In general, Taurus men will be easy to get along with as long as you don’t face his stubborn tantrums.


Love and Sexual Life:

As lovers, Taurus men are dedicated and dependable matches, but only for the right ones! Appreciation and efforts are all Taurus desires from a partner. You won’t find a Taurus saying anything that comes to his min which is good during fights. This is because a Taurus man is very intelligent and always chooses their words carefully before bellowing all of it out. A little bit of time and patience and your Taurus man will let you know how he is feeling as they are excellent communicators too! If a Taurus man goes forward and gets in touch with his Venusian side, the blend is one beautiful product. Also, ladies, a Taurus man is a dream come true in bed! He is the perfect combo between gentle and rigorous and caring and thoughtful. Taurus men are extremely good in bed due to their open minds and because they always want their partners to get the pleasure they are looking for.


Home and Family: 

Taurus men are complete homeboys and enjoy nothing more than cozying up on the couch with their beau. A little bit of comfort food and their favorite television show is all they need for their day to be made. However, sometimes Tauruseans are pretty messy and prone to clutter. They hold on to a few things for too long as well. They also love collecting vintage books, musical instruments, and art, and thus your house may be pretty pleasing to look at. They need to learn how to relax, take things easy, and enjoy quality time with friends and family. He definitely loves being the gracious host, planning cookouts and movie nights for the entire family. That time, he is the king of the world!


Work and money: 

Taurus men are pretty solid, helpful, very strong, and super sweet when it comes to working. Trust me, if a horrid situation is to befall you, you would desire to be on a Taurus' team. They have natural problem-solving skills and their calm and composed attitude is pretty rock solid to be disturbed. They are also very protective of newbies and will take out their time and patience to help you through the workplace, make you familiar and teach you a thing or two. They never hesitate to help someone in need and are always super patient with them. This makes them very approachable and appreciated in the workplace. He has an insane capacity of working well under pressure however his "slow and steady wins the race" attitude has him staying up nights to "win the race."