The presence of planets is very important especially from the astrological point of view. Any event that is observed, and if it happens to be predicted with the help of astrology then the presence of the nine planets in our solar system, is of extreme importance. Not just these nine planets but also the different characteristics of the twelve zodiac signs along with the calculations made related to the 27 constellations contribute in predicting and analyzing an astrological event. Each of the elements mentioned above i.e. planets, constellations and zodiac signs have their own significant roles and are involved somehow in most events. For an astrologer to be able to predict the exact meaning of an event, its conclusion and its aftermath, he/she should have sufficient information to do so.

Significance of different planets:

A planet can give positive outcomes or negative outcomes. Thus, they can say to be either auspicious or inauspicious respectively. Each of the nine planets possesses special powers and roles. The wrong position of the planet in the wrong house of horoscope or in inauspicious position can lead to tremendous damage and give rise to too many troubles in an individual’s life, is what is believed. Some of the malefic planets are considered to be Mars, Saturn, and lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu. They do not emanate malefic vibrations all the time; instead, it depends on their exact position. If the positions of these planets happen to be proper and auspicious they will give marvellous and benevolent results to an individual.

Transit of Rahu in the zodiac Taurus 2020:

The transit of the north lunar node, Rahu will take place around 23rd September. It will be taking its place in the earth-element zodiac, Taurus. Due to this transit of Rahu, all the zodiacs will face extreme situations or events. Rahu is known to be a quick result-giver. Depending on the past life and karmas of the individual, the outcome can be either auspicious or inauspicious. Even if Rahu conjoins itself to some other celestial body, it will either provide auspicious or inauspicious results depending on the combination.

Rahu and Ashtalakshmi Yoga:

The planet Rahu is likely to move in the backward direction no matter what. This particular planet is not a ruler of any of the zodiac houses as well.

Ashtalakshmi yoga is a pretty auspicious yoga and is formed when the planet Rahu occupies the 6th house in the kundali of any person. With this yoga in someone’s life, the planet Rahu will make sure that the particular person lives a life filled with wealth along with pleasures of all kind. Since this yoga is a strong one, the negative effects that the planet Rahu might have been eliminated and hence, the person will be bestowed by good luck only.

Lagnakaraka Shubh Yoga:

This particular yoga will be seen in a person’s kundali if the planet Rahu occupies the 2nd, 9th and 10th house of the kundali. The person should also belong to the zodiac sign Taurus, Cancer and Aries. This yoga will help in eliminating all the bad impacts that planet Rahu is likely to have in your life. The person with this yoga in its life will see that his/her financial condition will improve and he/she is likely to get free from all hurdles in life. The native having Lagnakaraka Shubh yoga will never have money-related problems. These people will never have to think twice before spending money and everything will be easy for them to achieve in life.

Kapat Yoga:

This is one of the negative yoga formed due to the presence of Rahu in a person’s kundali. This is formed when the planet Saturn along with the planet Rahu is present in the 11th and 6th house of someone’s kundali. Due to this negative yoga in a person’s life, the person will never be happy and might not be trusted by others. He/ she is likely to be alone most of the time.

Pishach Yoga:

This is also a negative yoga formed due to the presence of Rahu in a person’s kundali. The person is likely to face a lot of problems in life and might never find true love as well.