The magic of Tarot Card Reading and a few interesting points to know about how the card reading is done

The magic of Tarot Card Reading and a few interesting points to know about how the card reading is done

Tarot Card

The tarot decks contain 78 cards and different tarot card meanings. The 22 cards in the tarot deck are considered the Major Arcana and the remaining 56 cards have the Minor Arcana along with four suits- King, Queen, Knight, Jack. Major Arcana tarot cards show major details of important events in the journey of life. Minor Arcana shows the small details of small events.

There are also services for birth charts and birth tarot card readings.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card readers use tarot cards in order to be able to answer questions of people and be able to counsel them if they have any concerns. In earlier days tarot cards were used to be used for sports.

Tarot card reading is advancing day in and day out, and right now there are uncountable tarot card readers.

There are many tarot card readers that use Oracle cards for reading. After taking many forms tarot card readers can now have many creative licenses in their readings.

Experiences of a tarot card reader

This is the coolest thing many card readers say that they’ve ever done. They meet many kinds of people, a few are filled with doubts, many strongly believe in what tarot card readers do. Tarot card readers have many stereotypes attached to their names so in order to break through from that stereotype they give life changing advices and true healing.

Honesty is a big part of many tarot readers job.

When tarot card readers are asked what they do as a job and they reply saying tarot card reading is their full time job they just completely shocked. Some people think this is bad, but the truth is, the tarot is already a way for tarot card readers to suppress the forces around them. They help to illustrate the picture so that their customers can help them and their client to understand.

Yes/No tarot card reading

Yes / No tarot reading are often a quick yes or no answer question. Tarot card readers like to offer their readings to people but just like life, everything is not white and black, they are a bit grey. 

Tarot Reading Celtic cross

It was a very original spread and a few tarot card readers have learned to read the tarot but a few were not there yet.

So they liked to “freestyle” their readings and not to use specific spreads, but they are very useful and have a strong position in the tarot community for good reason. They make it easy to answer straight ahead and some of them end up in our tarot card class in the meantime!

Difference between having online tarot card readings and in-person

Luckily for tarot card readers, they seem pretty much similar to them. Zoom call or traditional phone call is as accurate and fun as meeting a person! Readers should be able to manipulate and type in an online chat where you can speak mentally using a text app.

Reading vibration and energy is same, be it from thousands of miles away or from all over the world. Be it in person or phone or video chat!

How it works

The tarot card readers will start their readings with you and ask if there is any area they would particularly want to focus on and go from there. The way they read it, when they shuffle the deck, the cards come out of their deck, so they don’t actually pick the cards. The spirit starts taking them out for the tarot card reader! They understand cards based on two traditional meanings, but it is based on specific messages from the soul (which is natural, mental reading) and other cards that come out.

Can these cards predict my future? And are they accurate?

Yes! Those predictions are the funniest part for the reader and the customer. Even if they are the best, the empowerment and guidance the tarot card readers provide to customers does the job that they love!

Their readings sometimes are very accurate. Sometimes they wonder how right they are!