The Magic of Oracle Cards

The Magic of Oracle Cards

We are never too old to get fascinated with a new skill or concept. People who are familiar with Greek mythology must be aware of the word ‘oracle’. Oracle is referred to the person or thing that gives the prediction that he/she received from the divine source.

Many professional practitioners’ beliefs that the Lenormand Deck is the oracle deck. The card was named after the fortune teller of king Josephine Bonaparte. The word Oracle originates from Middle English and was influenced by Latin and Old French system. Oracle cards are similar to tarot cards but they are more flexible and freer. There’s a wider room for understanding and interpretation.

The traditional Tarot card includes 78 cards no matter what style you pick. The Oracle cards come in any number. While tarot cards must include a Major Arcana and Minor Arcana card, the oracle cards do not have such structure. The possibilities in oracle card reading is much more as they are relatively chiller version of tarot cards.

Oracle cards are flexible and thus can be learned with great ease. Oracle cards have their own rules and can come in any number. there’s no strict set of rules. Oracle cards do not even have suits similar to tarot cards and open to different interpretations. Their fluid nature allows people to use them for several other purposes and people can even use more than one deck of oracle cards at the same time.

Oracle cards teach you to trust your own intuitions and tell you to follow your heart. The structure and meaning derived from the oracle cards entirely depend on the creator. They do not have a prescribed set of rules which give freedom to the creator and remain close to them always.

Oracle and tarot cards are both created to give advice but oracle has much wider scope and can be used for other aspects also. They help you develop a strong intuition and critical thinking skills. They help readers to get the actual path and make patterns accordingly. It allows people to do self-analysis. By no means, we meant to say that Tarot cards do not give proper predictions. However, due to their flexible nature, oracle cards are more accessible. They are more personal and the person feels connected as they are not driven by a set of rules. Tarot cards follow proper tradition and often people feel more scared.

Oracle cards are specially designed to train the intuition of people and that is why the readers usually shuffle the deck and pick whatever their intuitions ask them to. They trust their 6th sense.

Even cards shuffling differ from one reader to another. However, most of the oracle cards are shuffled like playing cards as this helps them better in guiding their intuition rather than creating a mess. The only motto of oracle cards is to make people “do what they feel right”

Should I use Tarot cards or Oracle cards?

The answer to this question gives rise to two other questions

What do you want to gain from the readings?

Different cards produce different results. If you want a detailed analysis of your future then you should opt for tarot cards reading. Oracle cards are general in nature and they work best when they are used by guidance rather than knowing an accurate future.

How much time do you want to spend in readings?

There’s no doubt, oracle cards take less time than Tarot cards reading. Oracle cards are easier to read and you can pull any and that is why it becomes a quick option for people who don’t want to spend much time. For busy people, oracle cards come to rescue. Even who have just begun with cards, oracle cards are a much easier option for them.

Are oracle cards right for us?

Oracle cards have the tendency to make you feel right in one go. They can make you feel overwhelming. Also, people think that tarot cards are evil and there’s a certain fear attached to it.

Oracle cards also belong to the category of tarot cards and they are also themed as them- includes everything from angels to cats but they are free from the traditional stigma. Rather than connect you with the divine personality, oracle cards tend to connect you with your inner self first and then take you on the road of divinity.

Even many tarot card readers also pull oracle cards to sharp their intuitions. While choosing an oracle card out of the deck, you need to pick the card which your heart strongly recommends.

However, the most important thing which is needed to be considered while reading oracle cards is one should have a strong eye for art and aesthetics. Oracle cards consist of arts and when you don’t understand that particular art or feel connected to it there are high chances that your intuition might go wrong and you will remain distracted.

Oracle cards light the intuition in you. So now I hope you have got a clear understanding of oracle cards, how they work and their significance.