The Magic Lies in the Hand of the Flipper- One for our Tarot Readers!

The Magic Lies in the Hand of the Flipper- One for our Tarot Readers!

Choosing our fate by pointing out towards distinguished tarot cards and just getting the answers to our questions sure is an easy task. And this is easy for us because our tarot readers make it easy for us. You all mustve heard the idiom "life is a rollercoaster" well this is a perfect form of consolation for anyone whos been cursing their fate. So what if your reading depicts something malefic coming your way? So what if your readings suggest that you might not get what you expected? Is that the end of your life? Of course not! This is just a minor setback from which you will definitely bounce back with an even better approach towards life. 

Your mistakes and your setbacks help you in moving forward and mending certain ways of yours to live the desired life. But this is about you, and what about the readers who tend to help us in determining our answers? Well, there are consequences to almost everything we may aspire to become, likewise our learned tarot readers tend to face certain issues with boundaries, toxicity, and unexpected reactions of their clients.

So, here is a list of a few pointers that all the tarot readers shall follow to avoid negativity from eating into their heads. 

Everything is not ‘meant to be!!

Speaking of a few tips for all the lovely learned tarot readers out there, the first one here would but obviously be that you should not take everything as a given. As told by their peers several times that everyone sent their way is supposed to be a learning force and that matches their tribe which is why they tend to get attracted to them. 

But nothing is further from the truth, because even though on a brighter perspective this might mean that you get to treat such negative experiences as spiritual learning. But on the other hand, this might be a suicidal thought for your mental peace, because if you continue to think that if you attract a negative clientage then that is because you yourself have a similar vibe. 

And that might be your last day as a tarot reader. Stop thinking of yourself as a magnet for problems and take the readings and your negative clientage sportingly. 

Some boundaries need to be set!

If you tend to blame yourself for all the negative vibes then your will probably prey to all the guilt which in turn will affect you not just mentally, but professionally. Another arrow that strictly needs to be followed is that of setting some boundaries with your clients. 

Because it is very easy to blame yourselves in case of the negative scenarios, you will smoothly slide into the phase of Oh, maybe Im the one whos doing it all wrongor its not you, its meeven before you realize it, Bam! Youre already into self-introspection. 

Forming certain boundaries for your clientage might be a little difficult at first, but eventually, a certain set of rules and regulations will help them not overstep your boundary and it will also assist you in staying within the professional periphery rather than going to the personal ends for all the clients.

Ignorance is Bliss! 

We know very well that all you want is to give your client a perfect reading that might give them that satisfying look or give them the push they need. But it does not go as planned sometimes, life is bound to throw some harsh realities at you, and that is the ultimate scrutiny that whether you take them sportingly or behave like a spoilt brat meanwhile. If youre a tarot reader then quite obviously you will end up reading for a lot of people, people with different personalities and temper levels. 

And you need to know that your sessions are not always going to go perfectly. Sometimes ignorance is the best policy in certain cases, yea we get it that all you need do is to help. But if in certain cases when the client tends to cross a line all you can do is act calm and ignore the situation altogether. 

This might sound like a selfish act, but for people like you whore performing selfless acts since the beginning of their career, youre allowed to overstep that image and choose to be selfish as an alternate window. Ignoring the extreme reactions of your clients might not be the ultimate solution, but it can still give you the courage to manage. 

P.S.- This ones to all the tarot readers: The magic is in your hands, wave the wand in the right direction and youll get through it even before you realize it.