Being born under the cusp of Leo- Virgo, the individual turns out to be a strong leader with the accurate dedication of understanding and viewing the world. They also hold the capability to guide or command someone in the right direction. The date of the Leo- Virgo Cusp is from the 19th of August to the 25th of August. These individuals have a perfect balance in life and are lead to success in every sphere of their life. The Sun and the Mercury influence the Leo- Virgo Cusp as Sun rules over Leo and Mercury rules over Virgo. You are quite a piece of sunshine as you are bright and intelligent with radiance. You have an exquisite thinking capability. You make sure to carve out the little details out of the situation or things. Both the divinely guided celestial bodies make sure to lead you towards something big which will blend a mood of harmony in your life. You have the intensity of the passionate fire along with the enduring patience which symbolizes both Fire and Earth. These can create a powerful energy that makes you devoted to the principles of following goals or the destination of your life. You are undoubtedly very bold, intelligent, fiery and brave. Your charm holds the fragrance of a child that makes you full of loyalty to the people whom you tend to trust. You set examples of high standards in people which makes it quite an astonishment when someone surpasses it. And those who make sure to step up to your expectation, they are showered with appreciation and affirmations. People get impressed by your modesty and truthfulness towards the pillar of success. You are an observer which makes you quite smart but it depends on you how you learn to control it. It is advised not to keep on picking on others for their mistakes to show your intelligence. If you do so, you have high chances to lose the regards and respects that you are bestowed with. You are capable of twirling the world with your efficiency. It is always the accomplishment that you have your eyes on. You make sure to count your moves according to the situation and given period rather than acting suddenly. There are influential people around you who might turn you to be bossy, rude and mean. That would turn your well-wishers and loved ones against you. You must learn the way of being humble and calm.



Responsible, Compassionate, Modest, Loyal, Strenuous and Successful.


You know how to dream at its best. That makes you a wise leader at your workplace. People who start to trust you make sure to stay with you till the end. You make sure to be modest even at the time of anger. You make sure to be your critic while taking decisions in life or picking out flaws. That makes you more powerful.




Manipulative, Critic, Adamant, Rude, Arguing, Control- freak.


You have set a long amount of expectation for yourself which makes you fall out of the place that you never have imagined of. You have the attitude of demeaning or hurting others with words. When you give your hard work over something, you make sure to invest all your dedication that is why you also feel like others might not do justice to the same work that you have already done. You need to calm down a little and understand that the people in the world are not the same. They have their way, style and method of working. It would be injustice, comparing one’s work with the other. Make sure to be very patient about life even if you feel a sense of imperfection.




Whenever you feel like trusting others, make sure to take responsibility for it. Everything that you think of will not work according to your way. You need to accept the reality for what it is and sometimes imperfection makes the situation or the thing more perfect than ever. Do learn from the mistakes that you committed intentionally or unintentionally. It is never too late to enjoy the beautiful existence of life leaving the headache or stress behind.