An individual born under the cusps of Aries- Taurus is from the date zone of the 17th of April to the 23rd of April. These people are like a spark of lights that shines in a powerful period. That is why people under this cusp are very dedicated and full of authority when they are moving towards their life, passion, achievements, and goals. They are super resilient as well. Being under the influence of the charming Venus and the energetic Mars make these individuals thrive towards their unbeatable motive towards success as Mars is a planet the drives towards destination and Venus knows how to influence or persuade. The Fire and the Earth elements provide immense support of courage and grounding nature to provide a design to the personality that the individual wants to push himself or herself towards. They hold the energy to move and motivate themselves towards the situation that they want to establish. They have a calm mindset to be stable to wait for the sheer conclusion that they want to derive from the scenario. They must always keep in mind to think of what they are doing or going to do before just acting over it impulsively. There might be situations where they want to stick themselves out of the adamant attitude even if it is not going to fetch them any positive possibilities soon. This Cusp of Power holds the factor to bless the Aries-Taurus Cusp with the magic of strength and diplomacy. They are born as a leader themselves who will make sure to win at work or home. There will be people who would look up to them for bits of advice. That is why they should be the kind of person whom others can rely upon. They might hold a strong mentality or opinion about something and others would make sure to follow it even if it is wrong. That is why it is always good to do better for others to lead others into something good in their life as well.

Aries-Taurus cusp individuals are raw, sassy, and madly independent. They love the outdoors and make sure to spend quality time with the closed ones. During the hard times, they make sure to handle every difficulty all by themselves. It might sometimes show a shadow side to their family and friends as well. There might be a time when your sarcastic and harsh words might hurt someone who is close to you or maybe almost everyone. It is always the best to show understanding and the fun to grow more amongst your favorite people.




Courage, Humour, Fun, Energy, Smart, Strong.


They hold the determination to climb the hardest of the mountains in the fronts of his home and family. They make sure to be perfect and best to make their clan succeed. They love to roam around and enjoy the taste of adventure. Nobody needs to be your chum friend as you handle yourself better than anyone else. They are always positive to feel that no matter what happens, life will be back on track.



Adamant, Harsh, Controlling, Nagging, Selfish.


Once something happens to them, they make sure never to forget that. They can also leave the situation that is not fetching them anything good. They get fumed about any idea, project that they dislike. There are times when they love to do the work systematically just the way they have thought about that in their mind. They want to do everything alone and that is why they do not like to share their given responsibilities with others. For them, liberty and freedom are quite mandatory. But they need to be understanding of the thoughts that their family and friend’s desires, hopes, and dreams.




The Aries- Taurus Cusp needs to understand to let go of the situation and feel everything with more compassion. They need to control whatever is happening around them by making up their calm mind. The leadership qualities within them will take them places but they need to get their relationships into balance to lead a good life with harmony. Keeping the stubbornness into track is highly important.