I am pretty sure all of us at some point of time has read our horoscopes in the newspaper, especially the love horoscope. Well, a new year has begun, and everyone is excited to know what 2020 has in store for them. Virgo does definitely have a very happening love life ahead.

Virgos are known to notice even the minutest details and their potent sense of humankind and their compassion towards the civilization makes them one of the zodiac's most meticulous signs. Virgos follow a disciplined life; they don’t leave anything to chance. Everything is well thought and planned out before taking any decision.

 Virgo is a sign of the Earth which fits flawlessly between Taurus and Capricorn. This automatically leads to a robust moral fiber, but Virgos favor well-organized, traditional ways and a lot of level-headedness in their daily lives.

Such people have an ordered life, and their ambitions and aspirations have still tightly defined boundaries in their heads, even when they succumb to chaos. They are constantly worried that they have overlooked a point that won't be fixable, they can get lost in details, being overly critical and anxious with things that are either trivial or not relevant to them.

Because Mercury is this sign's dominant a planet, its members have a well-developed understanding of the spoken language, written language, and all other forms of communication. Most Virgos tend to decide on a career as authors, editors, and typists but their drive to support and uplift others makes them feel satisfied and happy if they are on an endeavor to help society.

Virgos are wonderful counselors and they always have answers to all the questions. They are always ready to lend a hand and are extremely useful to have around, but it also highlights that they can get extremely critical of everything and everyone even when it's not needed.

All the other signs should care for people with whom you build a solid friendship, respect them for as long as you know them and support them in every way possible. Good deeds always win you an enduring relationship with a Virgo.

People born in Virgo with their Sun are very faithful to their family and they pay great attention to the elderly and ill. They recognize the culture and the value of duty, they are pleased with their childhood and all that made their minds as strong as they are.

Virgo's sign guides Venus to its devastating collapse and speaks of one's inability to feel respectable, lovely or perfect. Virgo's relationship with other zodiac signs is basically based on their partner's ability to give them all the affection they need to start feeling secure and comfortable enough to expose their fragile, sensitive face.

They will never have overt declarations of affection for someone, but closeness and understanding can get them to express their emotions which make them very appealing. A Virgo would prefer a steady connection over having fun, casual partners, except if they become one, and make use of their charisma and shallow contact to attract people without ever spending their own.

Virgos are set to have a splendid love life as per their Love Horoscope of the year 2020. The 5th house king, Saturn creates chances for you to get married. The 7th house lord is Jupiter who is placed in the 4th house along with Saturn.

All in all, those celestial places lead to a peaceful life of love. Some people who aren't in a relationship with anyone yet, with Jupiter's power, can get a good partner in 2020. Some couples who are in a relationship already can fantasize about their future and get ready to take the next steps in their relationship.

Venus is known to be the preacher of love and stays in the 5th house which can prove to be quite auspicious to all the Virgos. Venus suggests a positive response to those who wish to convey their love and affection to someone extraordinary. Saturn will be seated in the 5th house at the commencement of the year which reflects the possibility of getting enormous happiness for married people.

Jupiter will also travel with Saturn by the end of March, which will build favorable times for couples who have tried to expand their families as they might be rewarded in their lives with a boy. However, owing to the retrogression of Saturn and Jupiter, you may be a little worried about the health of your partner.


There's a chance for difficult times for you and your family before September. Things will begin to change as Jupiter and Saturn advance. As we reach the end of the year, in the latter half of November, Jupiter will move to the 5th house again with Saturn, so this would mean that Virgo’s romantic life will return to the usual without any issues. Ultimately, Virgo Love Horoscope 2020 shows that this year you're going to enjoy a high quality passionate and loving time.