The Life Path Number 2 - Love Life, Traits & Personality

The Life Path Number 2 - Love Life, Traits & Personality

People born on 2, 11, 20 and 29th of any month are destined to this number. Among all 29th is the most fortunate and lucky.  This number is completely governed by the planet Moon. Moon is one the most important planet of numerology.  Moon is the softest and genuine of all planets. These people are born beautiful and are very polite and harmonious in nature.

They think twice about other people’s opinions and make decisions that often lead to misguidance. They are very creative people but due to insecurities, they do not implement them. These people are very sensitive and delicate. They often are disregarded and underestimated. Just like the moon controls the tides, it also controls the mood swings of these people.

2 the strong pair!

People with this life path number make wonders in a pair. It is easy to be dependent on each other and work as a team. Pairing up with them can be very advantageous as they take the other person’s determination and work it is a success. They are volatile and adaptable. They can become important mediators, diplomats, judges, country ambassadors, and peacemakers. They can easily achieve success as they know to balance justice and understand comprise. This number represents the feminine principle of receptivity for its delicate and considerate qualities. It maintains good bonds, partnerships, and relations. People of the two are very loyal and dedicated.  They are the followers and not leaders. They are better off with other making decisions for them.

How romantic are people of 2?

Two is governed by the moon, which is also known as the goddess Venus. Venus is the god of beauty, fertility, and romance. So people of two are very romantic people. They are very easy to be in love if there is a perfect presence of romantic air. They cannot live alone and are very dependent on their partners. They need very understanding partners.  They have a strong persona to influence people and maintain peace. These people have sophisticated character and identity with high ascetic susceptibility.

Moon is the mother of patience, love, care, and prudence. All these qualities are seen in the people of two. They are very gentle and humble and extremely good at heart. Sometimes they are taken granted which can lead it emotional breakdown. They are selfless and devoted to their loved ones. People who have a number of two people as their partners are very lucky. They can sacrifice everything for the sake of love.

They love flattery and attention. When they get pampered by people, they get connected to them and lose interest when they stop giving them attention. Some people of two get deviated easily and can tend to cheat on their love when they do not receive enough care and love. It is a must for them to get even the slightest attention else they do not hesitate to move on. But if they get even a bit of love from their partner constantly they stick around forever.

They are sociable and can be very approachable. They make strong bonds of friendships and believe in togetherness. They get easily connected to people emotionally and mentally which makes them highly comfortable to be with. Having a strong persona of beauty, it is easy to be attracted to these people. People are very lucky and gifted if they find a lover of this number.

What are the characteristics of life path number two?

People of this number are born to be peacemakers. They are not aggressive and logical. They dislike disputes and hurting people. Being sensitive to themselves, they are very diplomatic when it comes to making judgments. They are born diplomats and they use their instinctive and intuitive ability to satisfy both the parties and they also benefit from the judgments they make.

They love traveling to places and exploring new areas as long as they don’t have to wait or have any trouble. They like elite or grand parties to show off. They are not adventurous or daring but they take risks for their beloved ones.

People of two are shy and quiet and mostly introverts. It takes them time to be very open to other people but they make other people open up to them easily. They are good listeners and natural therapists.    

They are very attractive and spread joy to everyone. They are very gentle at heart and they love to be the center of attention. They care for everyone and can work selflessly towards their bonds of friendships and relationships. Number two is a very dependent number and the pair of two can be undefeated.