The Janam Kundali By Date Of Birth, And The Making as Per The Hindi calender

The Janam Kundali By Date Of Birth, And The Making as Per The Hindi calender

A Janam Kundli more precisely known as the natal chart is the astrological chart that is prepared on the basis of the planetary positions during the place, date and the time of the birth, more to the point as per the date of the Hindi calendar. This chart is actually the determination of the positions of the Sun and the position of the moon, during the exact time of the birth. Janam Kundli is important as it brings out the astrological aspects that are related to a person based on his birth and the aspects of the natal sky. Mostly, this is a foreword by an expert astrologer and the creation of Kundli is a very extensive chart. There is pure line determination of the eastwards rising sun and the rising status of an individual in the native lines of the natal chart. This chart is an open book designed that will give us an insight into the nature of the person, his or her personality, and the aura the person is bound to carry.


Sometimes this Janam Kundli can be helpful while determining the bad times, the misfortunes and the lucky times or the times of Mahadasha of any planet. The planets are more or less not static and keep on moving the houses in the natal charts of a person. This actually causes a shift in the times of the person. The shifts actually happen between the different times in a day, a month or even over a year. Therefore there is no delineation as to what can be the particular fate of a person during a certain time.


How is a Janam Kundli Helpful?

A Janampatri or the Janam Kundli that is prepared according to the dates of the Hindi calendar actually will help in a lot of ways. There is a clear prediction of the occult status of the fortunes of a particular person, the highs and lows that the person might be going through in his entire life.


  • The most important being that with the help of a Janam Kundli, especially one prepared as per the Hindi calendar, one can predict the future, in an accurate way, which might help us to remedies to evade or to lessen the effects of the bad times
  • The positioning of planets on your natal charts in the various instance of the Hindi year will help us determine our inclinations and in this process will actually help us decide a career choice.
  • There might a very detailed description of the type of inclinations we have, based on the type of person we are, our personality, and nature and the aura.
  • It also helps us determine our lucky points, like what might be our lucky number, what might be our lucky day, lucky color and lucky gemstones. Sometimes these small things act as tiny remedies, for evading misfortunes.
  • The type of Dosh we might have in our Kundli, like the Mangal Dosh, or the Kaal Sarp Dosh and the determinable problems to it can be decided in the part-time.
  • Sometimes there might be a very unfortunate time in our life. When we see nothing goes right, we like to put our faith in something so that we can surpass this timing.
  • This Janam Kundli will help us determine the goodnesses inside a person, the strengths that the person might have and the relevant weaknesses that he or she might show. We can actually work on these individuals to become a good person.
  • There might be the necessary timing of certain diseases or the decline in bodily activity. These adversities are well reflected in a Janam Kundli, one that is made according to the dates of the Hindi calendar.


The 12 Houses and Their Effects

The Janam Kundli is divided into twelve different houses which are the abode of various planets in the Hindi Calendar dates. This is the determinant for the rest of the traits that guided a particular person.  The first house starts in ascending order and the rest movement is as per the anticlockwise direction. Every house in Kundli actually determines a different prospect of our life, our nature, and our personality.


  • 1st House – Ruled By Aries. It actually denotes the personality of a person, his appearance, demeanor and the related symptoms of temperament and ego, towards the general life.
  • 2nd House - Ruled by Taurus. It will denote the financial status of a person and the inheritance that he partakes. It also points out towards the eating habits of a person.\\
  • 3rd House – Ruled by Gemini. It points out to the overall communication strata. The communication strata include thing like speech, language, thinking and talking. It also is a real, for the siblings and the courage.
  • 4th House – Ruled by Cancer. It is important for the maintenance of the home environments in relation to your parents and especially the mother.
  • 5th House – Ruled by Leo. It will guide the path of education, self-expression, the karma cycle, and the progeny.
  • 6th House – Ruled by Virgo. It is a denotation of the fitness and the physical fitness of a person along with service and goodwill.
  • 7th House – Ruled by Libra. It helps in governing business and extra financial affairs. It also has a hand in marriage.
  • 8th House – Ruled by Scorpio. It deals with the cycle of life, death and rebirth, and sometimes reincarnation.
  • 9th House – Ruled by Sagittarius. It is a dominator of the conscious mind, the developer of the mind and expansion of horizons and trying out a fortune.
  • 10th House – Ruled by Capricorn. This house is a representation of the patriarchy, and how that has shaped the childhood and professional career.
  • 11th House – Ruled by Aquarius. This house denotes the various roles of a person, as a partner, a parent, a child and such.
  • 12th House – Ruled by Pisces. It denotes the matter of the psyche, dreams, travels, and losses.