The Indo – China Conflict 2020: The Situation, The Consequences and the related Astrological Predictions - By Mr. Mahesh

The Indo – China Conflict 2020: The Situation, The Consequences and the related Astrological Predictions - By Mr. Mahesh

The Sino – Indian relations

One of the most contentious relations in the contemporary world, the Indo – China or the Sino – Indian relations are something that has shaped the course of history in a world view of time, both in the bilateral and multifocal ways. Politically encumbering, the multiple renumbered ways of the disposition of the war has its roots even in the political and social relations today. The Sino – Indian relations have mostly remained on the conflict side, but they had their moments of cordiality too. This relation started to take shape since 1950 when India formally ended its previous relations with the Republic of China, or upstate Taiwan and started its formal ties with the Peoples’ Republic of China, the China we know today. 

The Panch Sheel

The formation of the Panch Sheel, which was later adapted as the Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, and further down in the 1980s became the official regarded status of the Non - Aligned Movement, was the an earlier signed peace agreement between India and Peoples’ Republic of china in 1954. It was a much-needed step under the Nehru government for a psychological the backing of the important guidelines to be followed for a peaceful cordiality between China and India.

The McMahon Line of control

In 1914, the Indian colonial administrator form Britain Sir Henry McMahon proposed the demarcation line between Tibet in China and the state of Arunachal Pradesh in the northeastern part of India. This line, known as the McMahon line was adopted at the Simla Convention in 1914.

In the further days and even to present China claims to reject the McMahon line, because, at the time, Tibet was not a sovereign state and therefore the existence of any treaties from an independent contending the state was not possible. This went on to become the cause of the Indo – China war of 1962.

The Conflict Timeline

The Sino – Indian War of 1962

The Peoples’ Republic of China had already rejected the McMahon Line and claimed to have never entered into this treaty in its full consciousness.

The agitation started when China started to show some parts of Northern Assam and the North – Eastern – Frontier Agency in the official map of China then, through the China Pictorial, which was under the Peoples’ The Republic of China, in 1958. Then somewhere at the beginning of 1959 the then Prime Minister of the Peoples’ Republic of China Zhou Enlai, formally claimed to have under control almost forty thousand square miles of the Indian territory in Ladakh, Assam, and in The North – Easter – Frontier Agency.

The heat started bubbling up further from the side of China and Tibet, when the then Dalai Lama, the 14th Dalai Lama, escapes from Lhasa, crosses the Chinese border, and enters the Indian Territory. India’s decision to provide refuge to the 14th Dalai Lama was something unacceptable to China.

In late 1959, the Peoples’ Republic of China further claimed an area of fifty thousand square miles in the regions on Sikkim and in Bhutan. Having done that, China refused to have any acceptance of the McMahon Line or to have signed the 1842 Peace Treaty. There was a meeting held in 1960 in New Delhi between Nehru and Zhou Enlai to address this problem, which was met in a deadlock. Later on, in 1961, China had refused to claim any sort of boundary disputes and claims another twelve thousand miles in the western side of the Indo – China border.

This resulted in the Indo – China war when China attacked the eastern front of India, and along the western border, capturing the North – Easter – Frontier Agency. The attack was massive, killing a thousand soldiers at least from the east side, capture, and prisoners of war. China later on declares the war to end on 21st November 1962, through the withdrawal of the troop almost 20km behind the LAC, which Nehru does not take any account for. In December 1962, China sends the Three-point ceasefire formula and India accepts it two days later on 10th December 1962

The Siege of 1965

After China and Pakistan settle their boundary disputes between Xinjiang and Kashmir, by giving up almost five thousand one hundred square miles of the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK), in 1965, China alleges India of capturing areas beyond the Sikkim – China boundary. In late 1965, Chinese troops march into North of Sikkim and further in the North – Easter – Frontier Agency, which was later on solved in 1969 through India’s desire to resolve any form of conflict with China with peace and non-interference.

The Recent Troubles

The two countries have always had loose connections when it comes to the Line of Actual Control, the LAC. This line is a poorly demarcated line, which still has its own reasons for making the contentions a point of infamy, because of the numerous lakes, rivers and other natural barriers, which pose no such hindrance for the armies and troops to cross over easily.

Nothing could come off easily after the very rookie Doklam standoff in 2017, when armies from both the sides had started to pelt stones at each other, engaging in a fight over the Pangong Tso Lake. China has always been very concerned regarding the fact that India might side its inclination towards the United States of America in response to seeking high-end defense equipment and great technology.

There is a cartographic conflict that has surged between the two old-time friends Nepal and India, where a border dispute in the Himalayan region has taken place. Nepal has started the ignition of a new problem, by claiming India to be a threat due to its nationalist tendencies. The Indian Army Chief points out subtly that it might be the Chinese misdoing for pushing the border. Donald Trump also came up with his theory that things might be taken in a peaceful way between India and China, and that the US knows how to get it done between them in a cooperative way. This crisis has not yet taken the shape of a flare, because both Nepal and China are much hush about this conflict. China has also intruded into the bland beyond Beijing, and heavy weaponry has been deployed at the disputed areas. There is a searing war that might take place, and also possibilities that things might cool down without much tension. The tensions have alleviated die the dialogues between India and China, and there is a brace on both sides to start a war.

The Astrological Predictions for a Cruel 2020

The Chinese astrology has penned down something called the Year of Gengzi. The Year of Gengzi comes almost a following whooping 60 years, and this type of year has always something in store for it, usually the natural frontiers. Most people think that the recurrence of such events must have a scientific timeline, or a geographical periodicity and significance, but nothing of such sort has yet been proved. Things like the El Nino and La Nina are highly unpredictable things, and yet they have no logical reasoning behind them.

The Chinese astrology has predicted that the year 2020 is one of ‘The Years of Gengzi’. Thing is that the year 2020 has seen its face of one of the worst happenings around the world, the center stage being that for the Corona Virus, the outspread of the COVID – 19. This disease has taken its roots from China, in a technically advanced place called Wuhan. The place, defamed for the gourmet of bats, became the eye for the world when this disease transmitted through bats hit the entire world.

India is still on its surge due to this virus. With an entire pandemic population of almost 200,000, India is struggling with its limited equipment and manpower. They must try to outrun the entire time bomb before things can be instilled back to normal. The side tracks for all the problems in India are even more because the people who are evidently economically backward have become casualties in the country. They are the ones who are hit by the virus in the worst way.

The second thing that hit India during this year was the Locust attack in the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and then some parts of Maharashtra. The locust attack of 2020 is considered to be the worst in the 27 years and has caused immense damage to crops and agriculture. Alongside this, India has recorded crazy heat temperatures in the Capital and the desert.

The Indian Astrology

The virtue of two of the most populous countries being side by side is something that has been triggering the conflicts over the past few days and the past few decades. As said earlier there is always a chance that there might be an outrageous war that might start off in the face of the world between these two countries. Also, the recent deployment of armies near the LAC and other sites of the dispute is sort of a brace for something that might fall in the category of a war.

The thing is, China has always been in an outspoken mode for its causes and has a dramatic approach towards things. With the recent allegations that the things that have shot off the country in such an emergency, the army is on a dormant state, a furlough sort of a thing. A sort of an assumption has been made, that may be the coronavirus was a planned attempt in weakening the state of affairs for the country to shift focus, and a timid attempt at the boundary expansion might have been done.

The Chart for India

There are various remarks from the chart of the country regarding the dispute.

There are chances of a collar eclipse which might happen around the 8th house of India, and is going to involve the Sun, the Moon and Jupiter, which is the planet of the economy. The problem is it is being caught in between Rahu and Ketu, which might incite a lot of fears and uncertainty in the country. The number 9 is kind of influential for the country at the present, which also reveals sorts of some uncustomary vibrations inside the country and this will get to the wrong side of things. Also, another number that is thought to be lucky for the country right now is 4, which also signifies the economic, educational, and commercial upliftment for the country.

The horoscope of the country also predicts some national emergency after the coronavirus. Two out of three eclipses taking place in June and July might be visible in India. Since the Chaitra Shukla Paksha falls on a Wednesday this year, the year is governed by the ruler Mercury, and there might be significant swiftness in actions inside this country for the year. On the brighter side, the Moon is going to be the minister for the year, as the Sun will be entering the house of Aries in the month of April. The point is, when two positive planets take the horoscope in their hands as the ruler and the minister, positive outcomes abound, only the opportunities might have to be sought.

Consequences of the Uprooting Relations between India and China

There are many consequences that could be predicted from the geographical and historical frontier of the countries, the astrological predictions, and the present scenario.

•             The war might be inevitable. China is a country with a tough army and a reckonable force, but with the power of the present Indian scenario, and the astrological predictions, India might have the better side of the war. The astrology predicts that India is kind of better prepared. Yet nothing can be predicted for a 100% surety.

•             India and the US become allies. This is in light to the sour relations between the US and China in the present world scenario and the US might side with India for the current situations.

•             India becomes economically more tied to the US than China. All the technology which China might have been giving India might be something that India starts borrowing from the US.