The importance of Soul Urge number in Numerology

The importance of Soul Urge number in Numerology

What is Numerology?

Numerology is among many ways you tend to look into your future or things that can benefit you or people around you. Like tarot card reading, palmistry, crystal ball reading you bank upon so many ways to keep yourself in check and avoid the thing that might hamper your future or the success written in your present.

However, understanding the basics of this practice takes in a lot of sessions and knowledge of the very core of numerology. The way the whole study is classified into smaller and simpler numbers with addition and subtraction as a technicality but that’s the last level of complexity it carries. Numerology is not related to math in any way. It is actually based on the personality of a person and how much they are attracted to the energy and the vibration of those numbers. It reveals the inner personality and traits of a person. Ever wondered why do we see a particular number wherever we go? Or why are we drawn towards that number and believe that it is our lucky number? Numerology solves all of our questions in the most effective way.

The occurrence of Soul Urge Number:

The significance of this number drives us to the conclusion of what particular thing is most connected to our soul. This part is very significant as it gives an insight into our inner mind and spiritual life that can change the whole dynamics of our life.  It helps us to rectify and understand a few basic elements and questions of our life. That is
1) what are our hidden desires?
2) What truly motivates us?
3) What is that one thing that keeps us glued to our dreams and passion?
4) Lastly, what is that our soul desires the most?

We can directly relate to what our heart desires and what our soul needs with the presence of soul urge also throw some light upon the fact that why are we drawn towards so many places, things, number and what we truly want. It helps us focus on more important things that we have been finding answers to all this while.

The importance of Soul Urge Number

Here are the numbers associated with the calculations based on Soul Urge Number and how it reflects on the personalities of the people who fall under that particular number.

Soul Urge Number 1)

these people have an independent outlook and are both fierce and passionate about every task they have in their hands. They never ask for any help and will always look for ways to make their own way.

Soul urge number 2)

these are the ones you will find “behind the scene” they are the ones you have a lot of ideas and like to direct people around and make them function accordingly. They are passionate, ambitious, and classy and carry a solution or two for every problem.

Soul Urge Number 3)

These are the people who always have an excitement for life and nature. They are full of life and are always looking for opportunities to unravel their talent and prove worthy of their status. They are very vivacious and welcoming for everything that enters their life.

Soul Urge Number 4)

Planning and balance for these people is the most primary thing in their life. They are the ones who like to stick to the boundaries and abide by the rules and regulations given to them. they are known to be quite boring due to their beliefs as they refrain from taking any risks in life. As for them noting falls into the grey area of an argument or a situation, its either black or grey nothing in between.

Soul Urge Number 5)

It is always fun to be around these people. Always happy and jovial in nature. They are known to have a blast wherever they and have the coolest and most communicable energy in life. They have the best social group and professional life as they accept anything that comes in their life.

Soul Urge Number 6)

These are one of those who have a whole different side to their personality they are filled with paternal and maternal instincts and are often perceived to be very nurturing and supportive in nature. They feel the need to take care of everything and is always cautious about the well-being of the people around them

Soul Urge Number 7)

intellectual, nerdy, and bookworms, these signs trust books and knowledge more than the people they are surrounded by. They have a high grasping power and imbibe knowledge and skills like no other. They are introverted and like to spend time with themselves more than socializing with their group. They mainly end up having more books than people in their contact list.

Soul Urge Number 8)

the self-sufficient and the all-rounders fall under this group. You know that the work given to them will be done with the best quality and no chance of alteration can be seen in their work. They like to do things on time and with full power and zeal up to the finish and bounce back stronger if they fail at their work. 

Soul Urge Number 9)

These people are deeply connected to the spiritual side of their life. They believe that the purpose of their life is much more than just power, money, and stats and strive harder to achieve inner peace than worldly pleasures and desires. They hold on to the fact that they have a greater purpose of life and should always feel connected to the things that show the brighter aspects of life.

Soul Urge Number 11)

these people like to bring their life into perspective and as the number itself is unique so are the people. They like to dream, wish and are very ambitious when it comes to their goals but they have a deeper understanding of the fact that everything is connected to the spiritual elements of life and one should always acknowledge that.

Soul Urge Number 12)

people with old school ideas and the love for their home, they always feel a bit out of the place when it comes to socializing. They keep things to themselves and have a deeper connection towards the divine and the symbols that connect them to the greater good of their life.