Before any Hindu marriage in India, the generation of a Kundali is a must. It has been practiced for decades now. Kundali Milan is to be done by a known and experienced astrologer, who can give you the accurate calculations. To avoid hassles, it is necessary that the bride and the groom’s Kundalis match.

Regardless of the social class or background, this tradition has been practiced throughout India. There are many factors that are checked on the basis of Kundali Milan like – Marriage compatibility, Relationship quotient, Family adjustment, and Financial symmetry.

Marriage Compatibility:

Everybody wants to have a happy and an unblemished married life. It is a memorable and priceless event for everybody. In Hindu marriages, marriage is not just an emotional and spiritual union but this the promise is lasting and goes on for seven whole lifetimes.

It is because of marriage that two individuals bond and be together after taking the decision unanimously. There are certain processes in Kundali Milan, which after completing will tell whether the girl and the boy are compatible with marriage or not.

With the help of Kundali of each of the individuals, you will get to know the position of the stars, planets, their existence in the 12 different houses and the meaning of their existence. It is very important for them to match.

Relationship Quotient:

As stated earlier, astrology includes answers and calculations to anything related to your life, especially for marriage. It is one of the vital reasons, as it predicts the significance and successfulness of the bond.

To achieve accurate results, Kundali should be considered on the basis of date of birth, place of birth, zodiac signs, and the name as well, as it can be considered for alphabets and numerology. All these parameters are very important for the making of a Kundali.

While matching Kundalis of the boy and the girl, the points received while calculating Gunas is important. Of 36, a minimum of 18 is considered to be apt. A marriage can proceed if they get points 18 and above.

Family and Adjustment:

Marriage is not just about two people but also consists of a whole family, including kids. It is like a relation between two families.

Some marriages can experience an extended family as well. There can be times when the two families involved become deeply engaged in one another, thereby making them come closer every day.

Astrology plays a significant role here. The tradition of matching kundalis helps to determine whether the two people involved in the auspicious knot of marriage is able to keep their families together.

Financial Condition:

Kundali matching is important as it can give an insight about how compatible the bride and groom will be when it comes to money matters.

Financial stability is a pretty important factor in everyone’s life and hence it is important to consider it well before marriage.

Kundali matching will thus tell how much each of the partner will spend and whether they will be able to balance out their financial condition together.

Prediction of Doshas If Any:

As soon as someone is born, the placement of stars and birth details determine that person’s future. Thus, kundali matching is very important to know if either the bride or the groom has certain dosh’s in their kundali or not.

Some doshs like Mangal dosh and Shani dosh are likely to create problems at the time of marriage and after marriage. Therefore, it is very important to check for these doshs and take necessary actions to deal with their effect.

Every dosh can be healed with certain pujas and with correct consultation from an experienced astrologer, remedial actions can be taken before the two people get married.

Compatibility to have Kids:

Kundali matching before marriage is again important if you want to have an insight into the health of your offspring.

Nadi guna is the one which tells about the number of offsprings you and your partner is likely to have and if there are chances of any problem after marriage regarding childbirth.

Every family is complete once the child is born. Therefore, the parents of the bride and groom will give special attention to this while matching kundalis.