The Impact of Collective Karma as per Vedic Astrology

Collective karma is something that affects all of us in our lifetime. It is a very powerful trend that has a very strong potential to impact our personal and psychological well beings along with our outer lives. The notorious disturbances of collective karma have ways to seep into our lives and affect us all. Major collective disturbances include the occurrence of political discourses, riots, wars, plagues, pandemics, droughts, and floods. Additionally, it is believed that progress in the technological field is capable of changing the balance between the energies that exist between planets. 

There will come a specific time in all our lives when we will face the powerful wrath of collective karma and its dangers. The year 2020 itself was enough to show up with the dreadful coronavirus, extensive political, economic, and religious phrases to give us a taste of collective karma. The energy fields all of us are surrounded by are also getting disturbed by the massive changes in the technological, education, and world of media.  

The Relation between Collective Karma and the Vedic Birth Chart 

The birth chart of an individual is a crucial part of Vedic astrology. The birth chart is a snapshot of the sky showing the position of stars, planets, and constellations at the exact date and time of the birth of an individual. In Vedic astrology, most astrologers predict the future of an individual by reading and studying their birth charts. However, the point they miss or leave out is the impact that collective karma will have on an individual’s life. The sole understanding of planetary influences is not enough to predict the playing out of the natives’ future. Collective karma is an important part of life and has its revelations more noted in the national charts. The understanding of collective karma can be based on major alignments of planets, their different phases, and the different eclipses that occur in the universe. 

Collective karma has the potential to dominate over individual karma. Why this is the case is because if collective karma is too high in the world and national charts, the positive influences present in the native’s birth chart has no power against it. They instantly become null and void. For example, even if our charts indicated that we will have good health throughout, the coronavirus pandemic (an indication of collective karma) did not stop to care what our charts said or did not. Thus, if the collective karma is very strong it will easily dominate the collective positive influences present in one’s birth chart. They will negate the individual karma at once and oust it on an outer level. 

Rahu and Ketu as Indicators of the Mysterious Collective Karma 

Rahu and Ketu are both shadow planets that have important influences on our lives. They are also called the karmic planets. The lunar nodes that are present in Rahu and Ketu are extremely crucial in determining collective karma as the positions of such nodes are what predict it. The nodes are involved in a tonne of planetary movements and phases like eclipses and are considered to be the sole indicators of karma.

These nodes have equal value both in Vedic astrological birth charts as well as world mundane astrological charts. The planetary equivalent of Rahu, as per Vedic astrology is the planet of Saturn, but with a greater degree of energy. On the other hand, the planetary equivalent of Ketu, as per Vedic astrology is the planet of Mars. In modern times, media houses who try to analyze karmic indicators mostly relate to the planet of Rahu and relate it with different obscurations and illusions.

Ketu on the other hand, is used to study technological changes, is more caught up with calculations, and how we analyze and process our worldly views. 

When every planet is positioned on each side of Rahu and Ketu, a very powerful Yoga, called the Kala Sarpa Yoga, is formed. As per Vedic Astrology, the Kala Sarpa Yoga translates to the Serpent of Time. Rahu represents the cut off head of the snake and Ketu represents the slithering tail of the reptile. Thus, these two planets are so important in determining the collective yoga that will affect us in our lifetime. 



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