The Horizon Sagittarius : The People Who are Sagittarius Ascendants

The Horizon Sagittarius : The People Who are Sagittarius Ascendants

What does the Sagittarius Ascendant signify?

Ascendant: Well, many times it so happens that some of the zodiacs take an upper hand during your lifetime. This might be your birth zodiac. But what exactly happens when some zodiac becomes your ascendant zodiac. The Ascendant or the sign of rising denotes that during the time of a person’s birth, a particular sign of zodiac takes position at the eastern horizon, and the zodiac becomes the Ascendant Zodiac or the Zodiac rising. A Zodiac that takes up the Ascendant position, the planet that rules the zodiac actually influences the person.

Sagittarius: The Sagittarius zodiac is for the people who were born in the dateline of 22nd November to 21st December. Being ruled by the planet Jupiter, the Sagittarians are amiable people with powerful personalities. They are easy going and love to remain in conflict, something that they love to solve. Even being an ascendant zodiac, the ascending Sagittarius a person tends to remain under the positioning of Jupiter and hence, one is also influenced by the doings of the planet. Jupiter is an overall good planet, bringing fairly positive results, but does put a person on lethargy and laziness, which might be spiteful to a whole lot of people.



Some Obvious Traits of People who are Sagittarius Rising/Ascendant.

Restless and on the face

The Sagittarius ascendant people are somewhat restless and they get too much fidgety regarding some things. They hardly get their minds stabilized to one certain way, or to one certain thing. Being ruled by Jupiter (with a short revolution), these people seem to be looking for something all through their time and they can settle for one thing. They are sometimes on-the-face and too direct with things. They will come out with what they might consider as the problem and wait for others to go around. The Sagittarius ascendant people are overall likable, nonetheless, their nonchalant behavior, because they put up quite an interesting thought process and conversation


Opined about things

Ruled by Jupiter, the people who are Sagittarius ascendant are actually too much opined about things. They have their minds designed to say something or the other on everything. Now since they are on the face they will come with this too, to the persons that it concerns. This also shows the amount of confidence that these people have. They are brimming with confidence and so much that they might end up thinking that their way of things is correct to an amazing extent, which might be irritating and subduing, both at the same time. They are always up for any new experience and adventure.


Sense of Humour and Wit

The presence of mind, sense of humor, and an everlasting wit are all characteristics of the Sagittarius ascendant group of people. Since their ruler planet is Jupiter, they get their brains straight and are a lot of things. They manage to find the subtle humor in things and hence might be pretty cheery for the people who are feeling low. They will end an argument with a satire, sarcasm or pun, which they like typically expertise in. The ruling planet Jupiter actually bestows upon the Sagittarius ascendant people with the ability to express in their purest sense, and hence they are hardly backed down by anything. Their sense of approach, however, does not get rude and demeaning at any point.



Sagittarius Rising, ruled by Jupiter, sheltering in the signs

The Sagittarius rising people, in general, are hopeful, futuristic and purely seekers functioning under the rule of Jupiter. This is in general and overview, and takes an obvious form. However, the Sagittarius ascendant along with the Jupiter taking positions in the various signs show the subtle characteristics of the person in different forms along with the obvious characteristics.


Sagittarius Ascendant, with Jupiter in Aries

These kinds of people are born leaders, with overflowing ideas, and have a lot of adventurous and exploring capabilities. They are full of positivity.


Sagittarius Ascendant, with Jupiter in Taurus

You are visionary and very optimistic. You are pragmatic and stable in most of the situations. You are very kind and generous.


Sagittarius Ascendant, with Jupiter in Gemini

This suggests that such people are the forbearers of certain goodness and goodwill. They will educate, inform and facilitate other people.


Sagittarius Ascendant, with Jupiter in Cancer

These people are compassionate and empathetic. They are broad thinkers and should take care of their family and other people through their service and goodwill.


Sagittarius Ascendant, with Jupiter in Leo

They are full of warmth, energy and generosity, and fun. They have great confidence and they take pleasure in extravagance. Large scale organizations allure them.


Sagittarius Ascendant, with Jupiter in Virgo

They have a well developed critical and visionary sense and know how to discern between good and bad. You can convert philosophy into reality easily.


Sagittarius Ascendant, with Jupiter in Libra

You should try to promote an overall sense of friendship, peace, harmony, and amiability. Your interpersonal nature might actually help in achieving this.


Sagittarius Ascendant, with Jupiter in Scorpio

You have a great healing capability because you understand the working of your life pretty well. You are ever-changing and evolving for a better you.


Sagittarius Ascendant, with Jupiter in Sagittarius

You have a great perception regarding things, matched with your intuitive sense. You are a seeker of the reality, and love to expand your horizons.


Sagittarius Ascendant, with Jupiter in Capricorn

Your capability, matched with your brain makes you very ambitious. You have a good sense of pragmatism, and can make things work with strategy and hope.


Sagittarius Ascendant, with Jupiter in Aquarius

You are a very idealistic and humane person. Filled with spiritualism, you love to see the philosophy in things. You are the cause of the revolution.


Sagittarius Ascendant, with Jupiter in Pisces

You are so full of dreams and are all imaginative and welcoming for newness. You are full of compassion and are not selfish towards other people.