The Hierophant -Tarot card when you need an advice towards the right path

The Hierophant -Tarot card when you need an advice towards the right path

Astrology in general terms predicts about what is going to happen in future, it reveals regarding our current situation what is happening in our life, from decoding your current favourite things to what will be next, just like that Tarot card reading brings a deep connection between you and universe through reading the cards, there are arcana cards which deals with your overall journey of life. The tarot card which wants you to follow the right path is hierophant, let’s look into it how does it help and provide us to follow to the right path or move towards the right direction.

This card explains how to embrace each major arcana card. The hierophant is a person called as priest, who tells about the sacred mysteries and principles. This card is the 5th major arcana card among all other 22 cards, on this card a priest is sitting between the pillars which signifies religious temple, this card is a symbol of convention, conformity and tradition which is connected to god and takes to right path, distracting from wrong things and learning from it and following the positive energy.  This card suggests meeting the priest who will guide you towards the right path, you will learn and gain new experiences and spiritual knowledge, learning traditional values, morals, and ethics which will lead to positivity all around the corner.

This is a very positive card which signifies you to follow the path of spirituality and also shows upcoming a religious ceremony in the family or marriage, and it appears in upright position it will reveal the positive sign , meeting of your mentor, adviser and guidance to connect to the universe, you will receive happiness and appreciation in life.

And if the hierophant card appears in reverse position, it will signify delay in marriage and dealing with arguments with family or teachers, but will suggest you follow a spiritual belief system.

This card is a negative one for those who work according to themselves believes in their own instincts and do not follow the spirituality, the card is not in their favor as it suggests is to follow the path of spirituality and obey the rules of the system in order to reach or connect to the divine.

When the Hierophant card is shown in your reading, it calls you for a reason , for taking efforts or some sort of initiation, calls you for becoming an adviser or mentor to guide others if you are found with spirituality and leadership qualities within yourself else this cards call you to learn new things and bring positivity in your life, leaving all the negativity behind and moving forward on the path of spirituality, morales and following ethics creating a deep connection with the universe. You will be finding people who will share common spiritual values in your journey towards gaining happiness and positivity.

If you are getting the right direction and your things start getting possible, happiness is coming back in your life, you find yourself to be the part of this universe and not a separate identity this card is spelling its magic on you, hierophant is working on you and helping you to achieve the best, it is taking you in the right direction or path, don’t worry because of the changes made in your life and routine or you are becoming a new person, it is all for your benefit accepting the path of conventionality will be a positive step for you. In order to meet yourself, your inner harmony and peace this card is a ray of hope it’s positive energy will help you and guide you to follow the right path.