The guide for making a perfect date for a Virgo

The guide for making a perfect date for a Virgo

When in the beginning stage of a relationship or a long relationship, going on dates is a tradition nobody avoids. Occasional fun dates are exactly what a couple needs to keep the spark between them going on. And what is better than going for a picture-perfect date?

If you are dating a Virgo or are a Virgo, following are the few date ideas that are truly going to full of cheerful moments and entertainment. 

Exploring nature. 

Virgos love being surrounded by nature and spending time outdoors. They find peace in the midst of the environment. They love watching the sun go round its usual clock, they love walking by the shore on the beach, with hands intertwined with their partner. They feel most at ease while taking a stroll in a relaxing park at a time where very few people are present. They love to lay a picnic blanket on the green grass or sand and spend time eating handmade sandwiches and light drinks. They love nothing more than having private moments with their partner where only nature is there to witness their love. Although hiking does sound interesting, it is better than the Virgos are first asked before the plan is made.

Calm and relaxing. 

Virgos are extremely prone to be overwhelmed and stressed. Even the smallest of decisions and choices make them worked up and they hate being out of their comfort zone. Especially when they look for comfort and serenity in a relationship, there is a high chance that they would prefer low-key dates. 

The significant trait of their perfect the low-key date is a step by step, organized and structured date where they only need to go with the flow. They love it when they don’t have to push themselves to make decisions and love such dates more where everything is kept low-key and pre-planned. 

A coffee shop, a small diner, or a calming book shop, is the perfect definition of their perfect dates. Based on what the Virgo is interested in, a museum would be a great place too. 

Active dates.

Virgos are all about pleasing others and being health conscious. They love to spend time with their partner volunteering for charity causes, maybe at the animal shelter or orphanage. They have an innate quality to help others and when they see their partner accompanies them and likes to help others too, there is no limit of how impressed they would be.

Apart from that, they also prefer activities that are physically exerting or relaxing. Performing yoga or going for meditating classes is their form of Zen. Doing anything they love with their partner is only going to bring the two closer.

Stay at home and cook together.

Virgos love low-key dates where they are not expected to hide their flaws behind the facade of perfection. They love being at peace and dates focused on spending time together than on activities that take away their chance to have proper romantic moments.  

And nothing says romantic more than cooking together and maybe even messing around with each other, having flour feuds. 

Who says either of you needs to be a great chef? The journey towards making burnt food can be made extremely romantic with just the right amount of flirting and relaxing talk. 

Board games or trivia night. 

Be it the board game monopoly, chess, or a simple quiz night, Virgos seem to be a big nerd. They find bliss at playing these games with their partner. This is that one date where their partner is ought to see a never before seen side of theirs. Being calm and serene isn’t something they carry with them while they are playing games where they very much intend to win. One can even spice up the games to make the date more sensuous and romantic. And what’s to say that the date night would turn into a date that lasts all the way to the next morning or afternoon?

Remember that Virgos spend a lot of time planning and organizing, thus a planned date is ideal for them. It makes them feel that they are being heard and makes them feel special.