The Gemini Woman: Positive and Negative Traits

The Gemini Woman: Positive and Negative Traits

A Gemini woman is brave, smart, and sexy. She has men wrapped around her little finger and can talk her way out of situations. And all of this, she can do without the help of any other. She might be a little too anxious or a bad decision-maker, but every person has a bad side to them, right? Read on to find out more about her.

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The Positive Traits:

A Gemini woman is very pleasing. Here are some qualities about her that every other sign loves:


A Gemini woman is not much without her curious nature. She will ask questions that are not meant to be spoken of and probe until she is satisfied with a good answer. She is probably that annoying girl in class who cannot stop questioning her teachers, and she is so good at it that she might actually make you doubt yourself. This gives her brain a little work to do, as it is always difficult to stop her brain from churning so much. She has something or the other on her mind, and getting bored is something she absolutely abhors.


Her sense of humor is dry and sarcastic, and those who can follow a Gemini’s train of thought find her hilarious. She is witty and charming, sexy, and oh so confident. Her one-liners can kill anyone who insults her. She is basically a badass with a kind heart. Her humor is one of a kind, and when a Gemini woman truly embraces it she can be savage and sassy. She might get a little touchy, but it is all to be taken in good taste. However, if you do overstep your boundaries, be warned! Because you cannot defeat her at wordplay.


A Gemini woman is very independent. She doesn't like being told what to do. for her, independence means happiness. She loves her freedom and can tackle all problems alone. Not necessarily a team player, she trusts no one more than her own self. This independent nature allows her to be extremely adaptable to any situation at hand, and she likes to tackle her problems with logic. She is also very adventurous and loves seeing what the world has to offer.


She is curious and finds answers, which makes her smart and very knowledgeable. Her wit makes her interesting, and she always has a story to share. Winning is your nature, and no one can argue with you! What's more, is that you are extremely logical. Some things which might appear complex to others are activities of your free time. You want more knowledge, which is why there is always a book in your hand, or is part of some grand research.


A Gemini loves people. She loves talking for hours on end, and her love for partying is like nothing you have ever seen. She usually makes the plans and executes them too. She is the life of a party, and will always say yes to any plans made. Her outgoing and social nature allows her to talk to strangers easily and make friends, without hesitation.

The Negative Traits:

Every person has a bad side to their personality. Here are a few things a Gemini woman should improve about herself:


She is SO indecisive! Whether it be important decisions like what college to join or who to marry, or everyday things like what to eat for dinner or what clothes to wear to work, this woman cannot make her decision. She needs someone to validate her choices, otherwise, she thinks her decision might not be the best.


One of the drawbacks of dating or being associated with a Gemini woman is her ability to sweet-talk her way through any situation. She manipulates you and makes you believe anything she says, as wordplay is her specialty. She might even call you names behind your back, and her dark side is not something you want to mess with.


A Gemini woman is the jack of all trades, but master of none. She has a very short attention span, so even though she wants to learn more, she will give it up halfway. This results in superficial knowledge of every single subject. When you question her further, she will give you everything except what you are asking for.

A Gemini woman is sexy, smart, and logical, but she has her bad days! If you liked this article please visit our official website. Stay tuned for more!