The Geminis are people who are extremely social by nature, in fact they are known as the social butterflies of the zodiac. They are extremely intelligent people who love meeting and knowing new people, they are one of the most curious people you would meet. They are people who love listening to your problems, because of them it is a form of gossip and they get to know so many aspects about your personality that they would have not normally known. Geminis are people who live for gossip and are known to be the gossip mongers of the town as well. If you want to know something, they are the people you would turn too. Being intelligent and well read, they can talk about any topic under the Sun and would even love to know your point of view.

Coming to knowing more about their zodiac, and the symbol of their Zodiac sign.

The Gemini zodiac is the third zodiac in Astrology and is often represented by the number two that is written in Roman numerals. This is to signify the Gemini symbol which is the twin.

So, what exactly is the meaning of the symbol of the Gemini Zodiac sign?

As we know, the symbol of Gemini is represented by the two in Roman numerals and has branches on the top and the bottom to connect the lines. The two represents the twin, Castor and Pollux to show and represent their unbreakable bond. The Roman numeral two is also shows how strong and unbreakable the bond shared between the twins, goes on to represent the whole essence of a Gemini.

So, what does the Gemini Glyph represent and mean?

The Gemini Glyph represents the four various different desires that can be felt. The set of twins are shown through the two lines in the middle, and the other two are known as pillars which are actually known as the desires of the twins. Every pillar that is shown in the Gemini symbol is going and heading towards different directions and this shows the indecisiveness of the Gemini, how they have so many scattered ideas and desires and cannot seem to stick to one or decide on one. The fact that the pillars fit so well together to hold in the whole essence of the Gemini is also to be noted. The pillars help in protecting the essence and holding it safely.

Decoding the Gemini personality and understanding their behavioral traits better.

Geminis are the kind of people who need to be mentally stimulated all the time, they can never be satisfied with an ordinary life or just following the same mundane life all the time. They need the constant excitement, they need to find something that will hold their attention and will make sure that it also mentally stimulates their brain to work as well. Geminis are the kind of people who are looking and would prefer to why a potent emotional connection with a person, and make sure that it lasts a lifetime than spend or have casual flings. They always find it hard that they cannot find someone who will be in with them for the long term, or someone they cannot stand for the long term.

Geminis tend to have and feel confusing and conflicting emotions, especially because of the personality of the twins. One moment they could be gentle and sweet, full of passion and the next moment, they could be cold and distant. They will always take their time to get into a relationship because they need to know and analyse all the aspects of the relationship and to know if they are making the right choice or not. They make great hosts, and can always keep a conversation alive, people love being around a Gemini because they know how to make people feel comfortable and know what exactly do they want. They also know what exactly to speak and when, which does make it difficult to understand what they actually feel about the situation. With the personalities of the twins always competing and conflicting with each other, it does get confusing and hard to understand what is going on in their mind, and moreover, it makes them extremely unpredictable and impulsive as well.