The Gemini Marriage: Top Matches for Gemini in Marriage

The Gemini Marriage: Top Matches for Gemini in Marriage
  • Date: 22nd May – 21st June
  • Ruling planet: Mercury
  • Ruling element: Air
  • Ruling house: Third
  • Polarity: Positive
  • Dominant quality : Mutable
  • Lucky day: Wednesday
  • Lucky colour: Yellow, Lemon, Light green, Orange
  • Lucky gemstone: Tigers eye and Emerald
  • Favoured love top matches for marriage : Leo, Aries and Libra


The top matches for Gemini in marriage are Leo, Aries and Libra. The individual levels for the bonding and compatibility with Gemini vary in each case.

The Gemini-Leo Top match for Marriage

The Individual Personality Traits

Leo are the born ruling group of people. They are the boisterous and the domineering people, with strong, independent, and ambitious personalities that reflect upon the greatness of their beings. They are egoistical and proud and also warm people. They love to host and are fearless.

The Gemini are the socialites. They are the people who love to make into a group and be a part of it. They are charming and career oriented in a lot in a lot of aspects. They can change their moods according to the situations pretty well.

These two zodiacs make a good top match for marriage.


The Compatibility

There is so much understanding between Gemini and Leo that it is a takeoff from the beginning. The Gemini charm is an antidote to the dominant Leo. The calm and quiet of the Gemini is an absolute complementary for the loud Leo. Both of these zodiacs are career oriented and therefore they have a common work culture and ethics. They are great in the sphere of dating and are flirtatious and funny at the same time. Leo forms a very good top match for marriage with Gemini.


The Highlights

The most important thing, there is an interception of understanding between Leo and Gemini. They are so much attracted towards each other. They both have the same set of values in their lives and therefore will work towards the common good. There is a lot of loyalty and trust from the side of the Leo, and an equal amount of patience from the side of Gemini. There will be issues, the dominant nature of Leo and the fickleness of Gemini. But they will work them out, making Leo the top match for Gemini in marriage.


The Gemini-Aries Top match for Marriage

The Individual Personality traits

Aries, represented by the Ram, are a group of free spirited, mischievous and fun loving people. They are courageous, fearless and a lot more fidgety. They are spontaneous and therefore have a lot of bubbling thoughts inside their own head. They are ambitious, hardworking and careerist people. They are joyous and very entertaining. They are so full of life and jovial. Although they might lose their head in the thing that they are doing.

The Gemini on the other hand are social butterflies, people of the crowd and filled with enthusiasm, ambitions and dreams.

The Gemini and the Aries make a good top match for marriage.


The Compatibility

The most obvious thing is that they are going to have so much fun in each other’s company. They have so much energy and enthusiasm in themselves that they are hardly out of love for each other. They both are so full of confidence, spontaneity and ambitions that they share almost the similar traits in culture. There is nothing usual about their bond. They are the seekers of novelty and freedom. They will make sure that their love never phases out, making Aries a good marriage top match for Gemini.


The Highpoints

The beauty of the bond between the Gemini and the Aries is their social demeanour, their outlook towards the society and their choices of modernity. They are the seekers of the novelty, and therefore always keep the sizzle alive in their relationship. There is equal amounts of conviction and emotions in this bonding. They have a good hand over communication, and therefore know how to overcome the uncertainty in problems. They are idealists and hence maintain a mutually independent yet an inclusive bonding. Therefore Libra is one of the most perfect top matches for Gemini for marriage.


The Gemini-Libra Top match for Marriage

Their Individual Personality Traits

The Libra is the house of balance. They are known to be the most stable signs and therefore will maintain this stability in almost every endeavour they undertake, career, finance and relationship. They have a pressing habit of pleasing the people around them and therefore they are very flexible in this sense. They know how to maintain boundaries, physical, emotional and professions. They are loving and compassionate people overall.

The Gemini love to make new friends, are amiable, social and career oriented charms.

The Gemini and the Libra make a dreamy top match for marriage.


The Compatibility

There is a compatibility of emotion, of stability and of intellect. This is the key to maintain a relationship between Gemini and Libra. They both feel comfortable in each other’s company, because there is nothing stressful in their characters that would make each a bit tiresome with each other. They know how to outsmart people with their uncanny sense of the cunning and profitable. There is ample space in between them. Therefore Libra is one of the most perfect and top love matches for Gemini.


The Highpoints

They are both very adaptable people and the Libras habit of never giving up on people is too much on the nose, but it somewhat keeps the marriage afloat for both of them. The most important they give each other ample space, so that the bonding does not eat up their privacies. They are financially independent and look upto each other in the case of emotions. The Gemini and Libra are so much full of respect for each other, something that always keeps the relationship on the ground level. Love may phase out for most part, but respect will help it keep going. This is what makes Libra one of the top and the stable matches for Gemini in marriage.