Tarot cards are a path to our inner self, in simple words, it tells us what our inner self wants us to know. So basically, when you go for a Tarot card reading you get to know what your intuition is trying to tell you. Tarot cards have been in existence since the 15th century when people used to use them to play games in Europe. However, today the meaning of Tarot cards has completely changed; you can learn a lot about your future with the help of these cards.

A Tarot card deck has a total of 78 cards which are divided into two parts – Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Major Arcana consists of 22 cards and Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards. Each card represents something different with respect to the various aspects of a person’s life, so using the combination of cards that come up in your tarot card reading, you can tell what the future holds for you. Every Tarot card can appear in two ways in a Tarot card reading – Upright and Reversed and each way represents something different, os it is very important to consider how the Tarot card has appeared in the reading.

We are going to read about two Tarot cards and their meaning – The Fool and The Unknown.

The Unknown

 It is a very common practice to include the seventy-ninth card in the Tarot card deck; you will see that when a Tarot card deck is published, there are eighty cards, just because it is easier to print eight cards rather than seventy-eight cards. Now, the extra two cards don’t have any symbol or picture, they generally have information on the deck or the publishing house. However, people consider the cards as The Blank card or The Unknown card. In the Tarot of Empowerment, The Unknown card is represented by a question mark

As per Tarot readers, The Unkown is a card that comes up in your reading fi the Universe does not have answers to your question or does not have the information you are asking for. It may mean that the Universe is yet to take the different factors into consideration which impacts the situation in question. It generally denotes that you should be patient while making the decision.

Upright meaning of The Unknown:

If an upright The Unknown card comes in your reading, it means that its time to evaluate the question that you have asked and the intention behind asking that question. Sometimes, it may mean that the Universe is no ready to give you an answer or it just does not have sufficient information.

The reversed meaning of The Unkown:

A reversed The Unknown card in a tarot card reading simply means that the answer is still unknown and you have to keep patience or reconsider the situation.

The Fool

The Fool is represented by a youth walking with a lot of joy and motivation. It depicts him taking the first steps into the world, he is full of determination and excitement. He doesn’t have anything with him except a small sack which basically tells that he doest cares for the dangers that he might have to face in his journey. However, that doesn’t make him immune to the dangers coming his way, for example, the very first one would be falling off the cliff, and he is walking towards. It is not yet clear if he is in denial or simply doesn’t care about the dangers that await him on his journey. There is a dog present as well and it seems to be barking at him, so much as to warn him about the dangers, if he doesn’t become aware of his surroundings, he may not be able to enjoy the adventure he has set out on.

Upright meaning of The Fool:

Coming to the numbering of The Fool, it's zero which is considered as having infinite potential. Basically, in simpler words we can say that The Fool is like a blank slate, it is yet to develop a personality, it depicts innocence and its journey will help shape his character. The appearance of an Upright the Fool card means that you will be starting a new journey that will be filled with optimism and free from all restrictions. The Fool has a certain child-like quality, in the fact that he takes one day at a time and treats it as an adventure. It is his belief that anything can happen in this world and there are a lot of opportunities that are just waiting to get explored. He believes in living a simple life and doesn’t really care about what is going to happen in the future.

Sometimes, it is said that getting an upright Fool ard in your reading means its time to get in touch with your risk-taking side. He depicts courage as according to him, every day is a chance to explore something new and ahead. It basically teaches you that you can’t predict what Is going to happen in the future, but what you can do is face everything with a smile.

Reverse meaning of The Fool:

The appearance of a reversed The Fool card in a tarot card reading doesn’t generally bring good news; it means the negative traits will affect your life. In simpler words, it means that you are acting like a fool, not considering the consequences of your actions. Similar to the youth on the card, you are unaware of the fact that great danger lies ahead of you, and if you don’t do something about it, you might find yourself in a very risky position. A reversed Fool card depicts that you are living in the present and don’t really care about the future which is not good always. It means that you should start taking more precautions and think twice before making any decision. It is a warning for you to get your act straight and start behaving responsibly.