No matter what you seem to do, you never seem to achieve success in your life. No matter how much you work, how hard you work, or even when you work extra hours. It just does not come to you. You start wondering if this is your capability, you start doubting your very own skills and talents, and lose your confidence. You see your colleagues, your friends all climbing the rungs of the ladder and you are still stuck in the same place from where you started. It is as though success eludes you, it whispers in your ear in the dark, and when you try to catch it, it disappears faster than a ghost. You have no idea where you are going and if you are wrong in the first place, or if the fault is in you itself.

One: Passion

You lack passion. Passion is that flame that warms you in the coldest of nights and lights the way for you in the darkest of nights. Passion pushes you to take risks, and ignites that sort of courage that will never make you doubt yourself or your abilities, and make you confident about yourself. Not only that, but passion will also make you work harder than ever, and will even push you to be a better version of yourself.

Two: Discipline and will power

Both are not the same thing, but they very closely connected. You need to discipline yourself in order to achieve, and you need the will power to endure the whole ordeal. If you give up easily during the time and efforts that take to discipline yourself, it is only because you have no will power and you give in or give up way too easy. This sort of attitude will not get you far in life and that will also explain why you seem to have been stuck in a rut. If you do not take any effort to jump out and wait for someone to give you a pair of hands to pull you out of the ditch you have dug in for yourself, it is definitely going to be a long stay in the ditch.

Three: Biding your time and waiting for everything to be changed in your favor

As I said, you dug a huge hole for yourself and you even expect someone to look down a hole and help you out. In our world, that is like wishing for a damn Genie and asking him to grant you three wishes. Which is not even possible in our dreams. We cannot afford to dream the impossible and it is a dog eat dog world. You need to have your own back and pull up your pants and stop dreaming and get your head back into reality. The real world does not have a genie, it just has you and your own set of skills.

Four: Stop having such high expectations

Stop having such high expectations from yourself and from others. They do not owe you a thing and it is high time that you realized your strengths and weaknesses, the real ones, not the over-inflated ones you spout in order to get a job. You need to understand yourself and learn that your own capabilities and what you can and cannot do, then get disappointed with yourself about the fact that you cannot even meet up with a deadline you set for yourself. Plus, that is not good for your self-esteem and your productivity is affected which is reflected in your work. Sets personal goals that you can achieve and are doable, rather than setting your goals based on another person’s work production.

Five: Procrastination

Stop procrastinating. You lose your time when you procrastinate and you are in a hurry to finish everything and meet up with your deadlines. It is an absolute stress overload, which makes you rush your work and in the end, you present just a passable work assignment that will not get you into trouble, and not necessarily get you noticed as well. So, then you are back to square one all over again.