The Five Karmic Numbers and Their Significance That You Must Know

The Five Karmic Numbers and Their Significance That You Must Know

Karma helps people get what they deserve. This may be good or bad, depending on their past actions.

The words karma comes from Sanskrit which means action. It does not relate to past actions specifically. This change has been done in recent times by the popular culture. In modern numerology, the word karma is especially regarded as actions that might happen in due course of time with a past person because of his or her past actions.

Karma is the method which talks about how one deals with what one sows. They will get the fruits of the same tree that they sowed. The logic of karma is not just for one lifetime, the tally is kept for lifetimes. So each person is bound to get what they deserve in this lifetime or the next. Everyone will get what they are responsible for. To get the idea of the karma that you have gained in this life or the previous one, you can use karmic numbers. If you have no karmic number, that means all your debts are settled.

According to the art of Vedic numerology, five karmic numbers- 10, 13, 14, 16, 19 exist and each has its meaning and interpretation.

Karmic Number 10

This karmic number signifies that the bearer has no debts in the past life. It is said to be a neutral karma number with no positive or negative inclination towards the current life of the person who has this. Many people do not consider it as a karmic number but as a catalyst that is responsible to increase the effects of nature on a person. Everything they will go through in this life will be amplified, either good or bad. Although the total of all that they experience in this life will be neutral. This means that the good things will balance out the bad.

Karmic number 13

The karmic number 13 signifies that the person who has it has done some misuse of power in his or her past life. They had the trust of the masses and they betrayed it. They abused their power to no end in their past life and hurt many people in the past without thinking of the future, but since the karmic obligations run through lifetimes, they are now getting the punishments of it.

This makes it necessary for people with this number to work harder for success. They must not try to cut corners or find shortcuts for success. They have already done that in the past life and now the stars are not on their side. If they work hard, they can achieve anything. Many famous people in all sectors have this karmic number.

Karmic number 14

The people with karmic number 14 were stripped of their rights in the previous life and in this life, their time is not constant. They experience many changes that are unknown and unexpected. Due to what they experienced in their previous life, they have now taken an affinity towards hedonistic pursuits. They often indulge in sins like alcohol, drugs, and carnal pleasures. They should not participate in activities of this sort and must take care to be humbler and more empathetic towards people. They should be modest or they will get more problems in their life than the previous ones.

Karmic number 16

This karmic number is the messenger of change in someone’s life. It is said that sometimes to build something new, you need to destroy what was present before. This cycle of destruction and rebirth is signified best by the karmic number 16. They can rise like a phoenix from all the troubles that may surround them. There are obstacles on their path, and if they cannot break them, they are wise enough to change their path. This does not mean that they are indecisive.

Karmic Number 19

The people with karmic number 19 are very self-reliant. They do not need the help of other people to be who they are. They are not in the debt of public validation and trust themselves wholeheartedly. They have principles and tenets made by themselves and follow them with all they have.

Many people do not have karmic numbers, this means that they do not have any karmic obligations from the past life and have a clean slate in the log files of their life. If you are one of these people, this means that you can work hard to get some good karma points in this life and get a better fortune in the next.