The Five Different Types of Spiritual Practices You can Perform at Home!

The Five Different Types of Spiritual Practices You can Perform at Home!

Spirituality is a concept that exists in all kinds of religions, and even outside them. In fact, even an atheist can practice spirituality by simply choosing to practice or including some activities in their everyday life.  Here are five different types of methods through which you can bring some of this spirituality into your life and attain the calm you have only heard of:  



Although the process sounds extremely basic, this method is a great step to get in touch with the force that controls us all. The best method to do this is to sit down in one corner, either on your bed or on the floor, and listen to your heartbeat. Contrary to popular opinion, meditation is in fact a very simple yet complex practice, as the only thing you really need to do is sit still and listen to your heartbeat and think of nothing, but that is much more difficult than it sounds. You may be subject to rounds of dizziness or get bored 5 minutes into the process, but hang in there, because the results will leave you shocked, in the best way possible!  



Atheists may not approve of this method, but for those of us who believe in God or some type of his/her incarnation and have tried the ‘pray’ thing, will verify that it works! It includes chanting, bead-readings and attending church. Very similar to the concept of meditation, except here you think of God, and read stories about him.

One need not be religious in order to take up praying, a simple belief in an almighty is what one needs.  The best method to focus on Him is joining a religious group or have a couple of people who have some experience with religion or spirituality so as to ensure that the experience can be shared, in order to overcome any doubts or the feeling of overwhelmedness.  


Healthy Eating:

Sounds awful, but trust us, it is not. Understanding the difference between eating healthy and dieting is of crucial importance, however. You do not have to starve yourself to death in order to attain Nirvana or understand what spirituality truly means. Just keep in mind what you are eating, avoid foods that do not have a great effect on the environment or your body and while you are at it, cleanse your body of all toxins.

You start to feel happier, healthier and so much more productive! The first step towards attaining spirituality, or understanding what is up with the universe is through understanding the needs of your body. Make your body happy by giving it so many proteins that your entire lifestyle changes!  


Focus on Yourself:

Along with your body, you gotta take care of your soul, too. You cannot be eating healthy and exercising with a negative mindset. You might want to consider taking interest in the Law of Attraction, one of the major reasons that you NEED positivity in your life! You can get everything you need - with just the right mindset, and that's right, a whole lotta positivity. And with a happy mind, a grateful nature and an unattached sentiment towards the results from your expectations, spirituality is just steps away.

Being there for yourself is not just about the mindset either. Be there for yourself when you feel overburdened, or when you need a break. It is okay to give your own self a break! Pushing your limits will lead you further away from spirituality, and a very wise person once said that in order to understand the secrets of the Universe, you need to understand firstly yourself, and secondly your secrets! So don’t be shy, and keep a positive attitude along with a caring and forgiving nature towards yourself. Mindfulness comes from within!  



Remember when we were talking about forgiving and giving to your own self? Well, another way to attain or practice spirituality is by giving. Simply put, help someone. It might just turn out in your favour!

However, if your mindset is not free of consequences, then you may never receive spirituality. Do not give with the purpose of expecting a favour in return, because all you will receive is the frown of the Universe. Give, with the purpose of giving, with the purpose of doing what is right, and you shall understand spirituality like never before!   

For best results, apply all 5 of our recommendations all together, and your results will change the person you are right now! Visit our website for similar articles.