The essential energy forecast for the month of April 2021

The essential energy forecast for the month of April 2021

Know how your lives will be influenced with the astronomical transits occurring in April 2021

Are you curious to know about the astrological transits of the month of April 2021? Commencement of new month promises various necessary astronomical transits which render several energy shifts, the opening of new pathways, reallocation of force and power in every individual’s life. The alterations in the planetary positions concerning every zodiac house cause certain effects and stimuli. We are here to decipher all the expected changes that are going to influence your future happenings. In other words, we present you with your astrology forecast for the month of April 2021.

Let’s dive right through it-

The month begins with Mercury paving its way into Aries zodiac house on April 3rd. This transit will surely bring an immense changeover in the lives of people. The mercury’s trait to sabotage at first and then reinstate everything from the beginning portrays a huge progression in the month of April. You are going to feel a plethora of emotions during this transformation. Brace yourself to feel rigidity, antagonism, courage, impulsiveness, alacrity, and enthusiasm.

On April 9th, the planet Mars residing in Gemini will come squared with Neptune in Pisces house. This movement will eventually bring depressed thoughts and feelings with anxiety, tensions, and feeling of insecurity. You might as well astray from your life goals for that period of time. Whenever you find yourself maladaptive, make sure you look for ways to stay in touch with reality and keep the clouds of confusion distant.

Venus entering into Taurus on April 14th will blow away the dark miserable clouds of anxiety and fill in the atmosphere with stability and consistency. This advancement will clear out all your doubts and suspicions. It’ll imbibe the feeling of optimism and positivity which will encourage you to try new ventures. You’ll feel drawn towards someone special with whom bonding of attachment can be established. Try going on with the flow of every moment rather than forcing everything.

On April 16th, the Sun in Aries gets positioned at the right angle with Pluto in Capricorn giving arise to intense fatigue, weariness, stubbornness in the minds. Do not get into conflicts with authoritative people for you’ll gain nothing out of it. Manifest your energy and efforts into accomplishing work goals in a team.

The over glowing Sun will be seen penetrating into the Taurus on April 19th, providing a more personalized spotlight to them. This provides you an opportunity to outshine everyone and emerge as a successful being. This transit instills a feeling of sensibility, practicality, sanity, rigidity, and fortitude. This insinuation of the sun provides you a great time for self-analysis and introspection that can help get a hold of your inner skirmish.

On April 23rd, Mars will cross the thresholds of the overly sensitive Cancer which will provoke emotional imbalance with extremities of anger, guilt, and resentment. This trespass is likely to cause internal conflicts and over-bearing stress. You are advised to channel your aggressive feelings into therapeutic activities like yoga, meditation, painting, doodling, etc which will help you calm your emotions. You should inculcate faith in yourself and continue walking towards the path of recuperation.

On April 27th, the planet Pluto will commence retro gradation while residing in the ambitious zodiac sign, Capricorn.  This reversion movement will likely relocate the suppressed anger and frustrations. You might find yourself defending your decisions and judgments to other people who might as well be unbothered with your progress. Do not put in your precious time and energy to convince every person you come across and get them on board because some people will always tend to agree to disagree.

 April seems to be just another roller-coaster ride that we probably need to relish and live through it. Whatsoever, we always hope this month and every month of this year bestows immense health, wealth, prosperity, and opportunities to flourish in every individual’s life. Never stop manifesting on the thing you desire the most for the universe can eventually begin to function according to it. May the odds be always in your favor.