The Empress card in tarot card reading

The Empress card in tarot card reading

The authenticity of reading of tarot cards has remained unchanged. A set of emotions that rule a human being can easily display through a deck of 78 cards. It helps to gain a deep knowledge of one’s past, present, and future phases of life. Although it’s not an accurate prediction it some way or the other shows an outline which is bound to change with the course of decisions you takes. It draws a bigger picture wherein who’s cards are been read can be enlightened with a human evolving in terms of spirituality and individuation.

There are 78 cards out of which 22 are called the major arcana where the top, specific emotions that a human inhibits are shown through karmic and spiritual learnings. They throw light towards the more important, practical elements of life which can be either related to the current affairs going on in one’s life which can be of minor or major influence on their future.

The empress card in tarot reading


The card is related to feminine, maturity, nurturing qualities with the other side as a dependency, sensitivity and creative blockage. The card has a different aura, with blonde hair topped by a star-studded crown which is 12 in number showing a connection with the whimsical reals and the cycles of the whole world along with this is the connection of the twelve planets and the twelve months of a year. Analysing the card we see her robe having a pomegranate pattern, which symbolises fertility and is placed on a number of luxurious cushions and red velvet flowing around. The cushion is marked by the planet Venus which exhibits the power of love, fertility, communication and compatibility which constitutes the Empress.

A perfect representation of the connection with the environment, the luscious green bushes around and the stream flowing peacefully. The card draws the wholesome pack of nature and peaceful aura which has the ability to rejuvenate a person. In the background, there are golden wheat springs which symbolise the recent harvest.

The meaning of this card can be interpreted in many ways. The upright meaning which includes the calling of the feline side of your personality and the reversed side which shows the dependent side of your personality who likes to cling on to certain people and like to stay in their comfort zones blocking their creative section and innovative side of their mind. 

Upright The Empress.

You feel a sudden urge to connect wither demons side of the personality you are right now experiencing. Elegance, nurturing, creativity diverse nature will be the outlook for you till the next phase of your life. You will be able to resonate with the beauty of creation, nature and the motherland will be having a different perspective towards life. It will be more giving than receiving, more selfless attitude towards people and the environment. A connection towards your passion which can be anything music, art, dance or theatre.

Career and money.

You are on the profiting side wherein personal growth and increase in incentives can take place. A good venture which requires your skills and hobbies mixed well with passion can actually mint a lot of money keeping you busy with work and still not exhausted. You are meant to lead a life that Is filled with luxury and an explicit lifestyle so if you are starting a. Business or something related to that, you should start with something that is related to nature so that it can actually harvest good fortune and blessings in the business and career sector of life. 

Reversed The Empress

The upright is of this card motivates you to look towards your loving, nurturing side of the personality which needs more softness than practicality and hardships. It encourages you to look at your current self, who has been lost in other peoples’ emotions and situations. A related time is awaiting and that should be the most important thing in your planner. You are worth so much more than just judgements and criticism that has been surrounding you masked as people or situations. A massage, a short trip around, indulging in your hobbies can help your mind and body align and be on the same page. Try to evolve and not repeat the same mistakes you committed before. Give yourself a break from all the worldly issues

The creative block can act as a hurdle when it comes to pursuing your passion. Let the creative juices flow and not stop the innovative ideas by any means because they can be proved as powerhouse to your personality. The reversed card also hints towards the body issues the person might be having. It basically shows how hard you become on yourself when people question your body type or when you become the biggest critic when it comes to self-analysing. The confidence is lost in just seconds and you being to question yourself. It only suggests you love the vivacious self, love being curvy and fantastic as you are and the world will be a different place to be in. 

Apart from health and career the relationships also take a turn when you are over caring and motherly nature turns a bit too suffocating. Learn to show your emotions in a way that allows others in your life to make mistakes and learn from them. You need to let loose the ship around and be on the independent side rather than being clingy and inquisitive. Try being. Ore calm and relaxed by treating yourself at your favourite restaurant or maybe watch a Broadway show whatever soothes your soul and embrace the faults in you to make yourself more flawless. Change the environment around you, have happy colours, flowers, mountain trips or maybe beach lodges.

As this card brings blessing as well as lessons all together making you look at the mirror even more clearly. Accept the way you are and not change it for anyone who points a finger at you. You owe no explanation as to why you are in a certain way. A solo trip or a relaxing massage therapy whatever best suits you take up and let the tensions be on the other side of your life for once.