The Effect Of Sade Sati In Sagittarius

The Effect Of Sade Sati In Sagittarius

Though Saturn transits every year when Saturn comes to the twelfth house from your birth moon, starts this Saturn's bad seven and a half year cycle called “sade sati”. So what happens is that the Saturn stays in one sign for two and a half years (1st phase) then it will go on your moon for two and a half years (2nd phase) and finally one house after your birth moon for another two and a half years (3rd phase).


The basic meaning of this timespan signifies that the Saturn is there to teach you lessons or to pay your debt from the past life. The Saturn is known as the karmic law and the most disciplined planets among the all. Though this also depends on who well the moon and the Saturn is placed in your birth charts for these seven and a half years. The sade sati is not always bad as people exaggerate it as the bad timespan a person may experience.


Sagittarius with sade sati!

Though each and every person in this world may have a different birth chart and the different timing after their zodiac sign there can be few predictions made. It is believed that from mid-2014 to mid-2022 Saturn may transit to the Sagittarius. Saturn is the planet that spends the longest time there than any other planets in our system called the “navagrahas”.


1st phase:-

When the Shani (Saturn) enters the first house that is of Aries is the time the sade sati period starts and the Shani stays there for about two and a half years. During this time the Sagittarius may experience a bad period facing problems with the family front, professional front, health-wise and psychological status wise too. After a month or two of entering into the aries, the Shani becomes retrograde to come to the Scorpio for approximately 5 months.

For the Sagittarius, this transit is not that beneficial to them financially as they may experience losses if they lend or give money to someone. Theft can also be one of the reasons for the death of money. You often feel cheated when not treated right in this financial loss period.


2nd phase:-

Though the second phase ought to be the worst among all the three but for Sagittarius its the time regain your name and reputation in the society. There are examples of many people who have achieved success in the time of their sade sati and so do you. During this period the people with this sign are expected to stay calm, patient and generous than to be harsh to the one surrounding you all the time. This is the time you may get recognition and incentive for your hard work done in the past. This could be a good opportunity for you to grab if you want to come out of your earlier financial losses and solve your relations with your family in the upcoming next year.


3rd phase:-

The last and the finale two and a half year cycle which will be a good turn over to your life ahead. The progress and advancement are indicated in your career, but you can expect to have more workload and pressure. The time is not favorable for those who are trying to seek government jobs. Also try to control your anger and avoid the hot arguments and conflicts with your spouse, friends  and relatives. Ego issues may crop your way so it is advised to indulge in spiritual pursuits to avoid misunderstandings.

The sign also needs to develop more time with their family members to maintain a good relationship and understand their needs and expectations. If you are single then it is a good time to look for a suitable alliance and maybe even get married. This transit may disturb your sleep for which one may practice yoga.


Summing up:-

The sade sati period is bad at the start but maybe better with time if one understands the situations and tries to resolve it in the patient and calm way. The people having this have to learn to grab opportunities for their betterment and also learn to express their feelings towards their family and believe in them. Businessmen may experience financial losses in the initial phase.

They might experience health issues and so they are advised to have a healthy diet which will help to uplift their health as well as their sleep. The long journeys should be avoided during this period as some injury is possible. The Saturn transit is favorable for students.