The easiest way to understand numerology

The easiest way to understand numerology

This article will help you understand all the concepts that are involved in the process of numerology. By the end of this article, you will understand many concepts that form the basics and the foundation of this helpful skill that you will use to improve the quality of your life. 

Understanding the history of numerology 

Numerology has started getting more attention since the last decade, but you will be surprised to know that this was something that always existed 10,000 years back. Egypt was a place where this art and skill took birth. it is very sure that you already know one theorem that you might have learned in your school and this theorem was proposed by Pythagoras.

Did you know that the theorems that you learned in your school and the ones which were proposed by Pythagoras had a history about 2600 years back rooted in ancient Greece? So, while you understand all the concepts of numerology it will always be a good idea to know a little bit of history regarding the subject and the concept that you are about to learn. 

Basic calculations that you need to know 

Addition subtraction multiplication and division is something that you almost do every day in your life may be at the grocery store or while calculating your bills. Neurology involves a lot of calculations, but the calculations are not the way you usually computer in your life so now for example if you address a number that is a 2-digit number you will always reduce it to one digit by adding those 2 bits of that number, in other words, you always convert everything into a one-digit number and then try to propagate some idea or jump to the conclusion. 

For example, consider the number 16, your you will reduce this 2-digit number to a one-digit number by calculating the addition of both the bits so basically the answer that you will get has to be equal to 6 + 1 = 7. Similarly, you can use the same knowledge and concept in calculating the result for any number of digits made by a 2-digit number or 100-digit number Indian you just must calculate the addition.

Now there are a few exceptions that you must be aware of and those numbers will never be reduced further. these numbers are called special master numbers and they are 11 and 22. now you might wonder why we are allowing these 2 numbers and the only reason behind that is they tend to have a very strong bond and they tend to resonate with many people’s personalities and their traits and their characteristics. Likewise, letters are also converted into numbers and then you follow the same process. 

If you are bored of calculations here is another way    

if you are a person who does not like mathematics or who does not want to compute all those equations on your own there is good news for you. You can enter all the details that you want to calculate into many websites that provide you this service of calculating the results for free. You only must enter the name or any digit that you want to be calculated and with a click of a button, you will have your answer.

If you are concerned about the accuracy You should be careful because the results that you will get I got to be accurate when you do not have to pay to increase the efficiency or the accuracy of the calculations that take place because there is a computer code that is running and that code will give you the result so there is no chance of any human errors only terms of human error while you entering the data so as long as we assume the condition where the data entered by the user is correct the output is always going to be perfectly accurate. 

In conclusion, you just have to remember that numerology is considered as Hossain’s because you do not have any thesis or scientific proof back the outcomes that you get so it would not be a good idea to completely rely on the results and have complete faith on everything that you read but at the same time, it also does not mean that you should be completely ignorant about the results that you are getting so make sure you have the perfect balance between your results that you get from the numerology and every other aspect that you consider for your own.