Do you know that one person who is so carefree, so playful and always curious and just wants to know more? This person is always so chirpy and ready to take on the day, and knows the latest gossip floating around in and out of your social circles.

This person literally fits into any group, can talk to ten to a dozen, and people love their personality and vibe. This person must be a Gemini, because all of these traits are the signature personality traits of a Gemini. Geminis are people who have their birthdays between the twenty first of the month May and the twenty first of June. 

So, what are the signature personality traits of a Gemini? 

Geminis are adaptable by nature. 

Geminis are people who are very adaptable, and can recover from any embarrassing situation that they find themselves in. They can jump out of boiling water with graces and without even ruffling any features, and even end up easing hurt egos.

They move on from such situations with grace that could rival a Queen and forget about it, because who wants to remember such situations, right? 

Geminis are intelligent people. 

Many people tend to assume that just because they have the gift of gab, they are not very intelligent and just tend to run their mouth. But the fact is that the reason they can have such amazing conversations with people from different backgrounds is that they are well versed with so many topics, and can almost talk on any topic given.

And if they do not know anything about the topic, they will listen to what the person has to say and even read up on it. They are extremely intelligent people, who love learning about new things and topics. 

Geminis are outgoing by nature. 

They are people who love being with people and just enjoy the company of people. Their quick wit, retorts in fact attract more people towards them, and their carefree vibe makes you feel comfortable and relaxed in their presence.

You know for a fact that you can be your weirdest self and they will not judge you for it, but in fact join in. They are always willing to do the craziest things with you and you know that they would not say no.  

Geminis are extremely impulsive and indecisive. 

Geminis are people who are very impulsive, in fact they hardly even think before they do something. They strongly believe in the motto to act first and think later.

They also cannot just stick to one decision; they are always confused and keep changing their choices. At times, it really gets tiring to just keep up with them most of the time.  

Geminis are very, very nosy. 

They are extremely nosey people who want to know what happened, because of what and between whom. This can get very annoying because you do not want the whole world to know, right?

Your personal affairs are yours only and you definitely do not want the whole world to know what you feel and what happened. But Geminis want to know what happened, why it happened and between whom it happened because they live for this type of gossip.

Not only that but also the fact that they want to know what happens in everyone’s world, why it happened, and often this news or gossip as you may call it, goes to everyone they interact with, and now everyone knows what is happening in your life.

Which is something you definitely do not want to happen. Because at times, what is private in your life should remain private only. 

Geminis are great individuals and people love them for how they are and who they are, even the smallest shortcomings are looked over because they are so endearing.