You may have definitely heard about Numerology or at least have a basic idea about it otherwise you would not be on this page reading this article. Have you had times or instances in your life where you always keep on seeing the same number all the time?

Do you feel as though this number means something to you? Have you noticed a pattern of things happening on that one particular number or date? If you have, then maybe you would definitely like to explore numerology. 

What is Numerology? 

In layman terms, numerology is basically the study of the numbers in an individual’s life. You can definitely come to know a lot about the world with the help of numbers and not only that, with the help of numerology you can even come to know all about an individual and the significance of particular numbers in the life of the individual.

If you are well versed with Astrology, you definitely will have a vague idea about Numerology, and is actually quite similar to astrology. In simpler language, the whole concept about numerology is that the whole Universe is a huge system which when broken down to its basic elements, we are left only with numbers which help us gain a deeper insight to the world and help us understand ourselves in a much deeper and better way. 

Numerology and the meaning of numbers. 

We need to understand in the world, something is dependent on something, and eventually everything is dependent on something. This concept is equated to numbers and further, a number of elements of an individual is taken and broken down to significant numbers through a number of methods.

These numbers which are used help us to gain a better and much improved perspective of the world and not only of the world but also about ourselves, the purpose in our lives and our dominant personality traits with the help of our life path number, the heart's desire number and expression number. 

The working of Numerology. 

The workings of Numerology are extremely intensive and complicated and often is done an expert Numerologist who can provide accurate and extensive readings. People can easily find the life path number, the heart's desire number and expression number with the help of basic and simple calculations but the more important fact is that how these numbers will be able to come together and what they represent as well as why they represent should be read correctly. 

It is believed that in the Universe, there is no such thing as coincidences and everything happens for a reason. From the date of birth to the name you have been named, to your personality trait, everything is meant to be.

The whole idea behind the workings of numerology is that the Universe and the individual’s life is affected by the date of birth of the individual as well as the name of the individual and every other factor that surrounds the individual.  

What is a numerology reading and how does that work? 

A numerology reading is the report which not only tells you about yourself but also but your purpose in life and what life has in store for you. A numerology reading has a lot of extensive calculations which needs to be translated in order for the individual to understand what exactly is going on.

There are a lot of numbers, an endless combination of numbers and so many detailed meanings to be dissected and opened. Every individual’s numerology report has so many perspectives and it is up to the numerologist to make sense of the readings.  

Another important thing to be done is that whenever to want a numerology reading to be done of yours, ensure that it is done by a reputed and an expert numerologist who knows what he/she is doing. Numerology is difficult to understand and interpret, and you definitely do not someone who does not know how to read properly or mess up your reading.