There is no doubt that astrology helps us in living our best life, or at least guides us to live our best lives, making our lives more fulfilled. Astrology helps us in dealing with the tough times in our lives and even guides us through every obstacle that we face. 

It helps us overcomes or even lessen the effects of our bad karma we gained, and provides remedies and solutions that will guide us, and help us to lessen the impact of the bad karma and doshas in our lives which makes our lives more peaceful and makes us as individuals more happier and calm.  

The main differences between Nadi astrology and Vedic astrology. 

Coming to the differences between Nadi astrology and Vedic astrology, while Nadi astrology talks about the positions of the planets when the individual was born and how that planetary positions affect the individual’s present life, Vedic astrology is completely based on mathematics and how mathematics can be used in order to calculate the present life of the individual. To be more precise, Nadi astrology can tell you more about your personal life, from your job to your parents’ name to your partner’s name and so on. The results are very accurate and spot on as well. It also has the ability to give tell you all about your previous life and what are those actions that you committed during your last life that is causing you all the bad karma to come in your present life and even provides remedies to lessen the bad doshas and the bad karma you have gained from your previous life to this life. 

Another thing about Nadi astrology is that the remedies given by the Astrologer performing Nadi astrology, the remedies are more temple centric and you feel this weight that they did not even know was weighing them down, lift from your shoulders as soon as the individual steps into the temple and starts performing the remedies. What Nadi astrology cannot give you is what Vedic astrology can give you. Knowing more in detail about which are your good planets and which are your bad planets is a must and it necessary to know this when it comes to Astrology. Vedic astrology gives you a planetary analysis and tells you which exactly are your good planets and which are your bad planets.  

How the predictions are made when it comes to Nadi astrology and Vedic astrology.  

As we know, Vedic astrology uses mathematics to form it’s predictions and is very scientific because it used intensive and comprehensive complex mathematical calculations and equations to form the predictions made for you. A Vedic astrologer will always make your janam kundali or better known as your birth chart on the basis of your personal details like your birth details and will utilize this information to form the prediction. The positions of the stars and planets during the time when the individual is born is used to calculate the individual’s dominant personality traits, the strengths and limitations of the individual, their inner inclinations and so on. Vedic astrology heavily depends on the position of the planets and uses the planetary positions to determine their predictions.  

Coming to Nadi astrology, this Astrology is not based on mathematics but is rather based on the knowledge that was preserved on the palm leaves of the ancient Tamil script.

According to this form of Astrology, this palm leaves only reveal themselves to the individual when the time is right. These Pam leaves are extremely important because based on the leaves and the individuals thumbprints, the Astrologer is able to reveal everything about the individual. 

The thumbprint of the individual is taken and matched with the buddle that matches the individual’s given thumbprint and then the Astrologer reads the extensive details that are written and recorded in it.  

Both the forms of Astrology are two different methods of understanding and knowing various aspects about the individual and the life of the individual. Where Nadi astrology flutters, Vedic astrology steps in and vice versa. According to the individual’s need to know, Nadi astrology or Vedic astrology can be used and performed accordingly.