The Delicate Darling: A Scorpio Man in love

The Delicate Darling: A Scorpio Man in love
  • Date: October 23rd – November 21st
  • Ruling planet: Mars, sided with Pluto
  • Ruling element: Water
  • Ruling house: Eighth
  • Dominant quality: Fixed
  • Lucky colour: Black
  • Lucky day: Tuesday
  • Lucky gemstone: Topaz and Opal

Scorpio, being ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto is an explosive sign, and hence the Scorpio man is considered one amongst the Bad Guys of the Zodiac. No wonder, people might have a falling for him.


Scorpio man Basic Traits:-

Mr. Con-Artist

These men avoid living in the ambiguity of situations. Scorpio man always have clear cut distinct opinions as to what they clearly want and how are they going to avoid the shit. He prizes his integrity and his sense of stability and will hardly ever sell out, until the deal costs him much more respect and returns than his own integrity. He is intuitive and curious, with ever expanding sense of knowledge. He has a great working of the conscience, and therefore knows to discern the good from the bad, impurities from perfection. A Scorpio man, being ruled by water, is actually very clear about the state of things.


Mr. Congeniality

A Scorpio man is very much well versed with the games of the heart and therefore has the perfect attitude in blending in, or more perfectly ‘mingling’. He will discover the vulnerability in his partners and he will help them in overcoming such difficulties. They are a home and adventure at the same time. Scorpio being a water sign is a very adaptable person.

They know the perfect chords to strike that will actually help in playing the odds of the game; they know how to get their things from their partners. They are mischievous and playful in a sexy way, and so intense, they are going to surely melt some of those hard faces. They are protective about relationships and will not trade anything for the safety of their partners. Sometimes their possessive nature is kind of suffocation.   


Things You Will Notice If A Scorpio Man Is In Love With You:-

He will become very loyal

Never try to question the loyalty of this guy because he is very much loyal to the person he is actually in love with and therefore you might note a marked difference in his personality. He might have not even noticed you in the first instances, but now since you have caught the eyes of this man, you might be never out of his gaze. He will try his best to win over you, with his loyalty and dedication. He will hardly cheat you or skip over you, making sure that the ushering friendship gets to something serious. A man in love will never fail you, and it clearly shows.


He becomes jealous

Scorpio men in love get jealous, and it shows. This is a better sort of knowing if he has fallen for you. He will get jealous for the trivial things, like you not saving up a seat in the board meeting, and sitting with someone else, or you decided to share lunch with someone else this time. Well, these things would not have mattered to him, like when he himself had trivialised the entire state of things. But now, since he is brimming with feelings, I think he might get a little jealous in the sweet kind of way. And the funny fact, he will not be able to hide it. A Scorpio man being a water sign, things lucidly show up.


He assures compromise

Well, a Scorpio, being ruled by water becomes actually very caring and lucid in his ways. He might know how to play the intense to get his ways. But he would love to lose it to you. He would love to get that smile on your face. His efforts show that he is trying his best at getting you to smile. He will compromise upon the last slice of pizza, the tip of an ice cream cone.

Well in fact, the Scorpio guy will leave no stones unturned to show that he loves you, He cares about you. You might be the one that is putting up your legs on him, or making him uncomfortable by putting your head on his shoulder. He is not going to complain, water signs know how to adjust.


Things you might discover while dating Scorpio men 

While you gaze at a Scorpio guy from afar, you know it is not easy to crack that man. But when in love, he being a water sign will definitely lose it to you. You might give him his emotional comfort zone, something that he needs for most part of his life. Therefore from the worst to the best he is going to let you take a dive into his personal space.


Tom, Dick and Harry

He will let you know that he is every man in no man; he is a mixture of personalities and so much of emotions that are not going to be vent out pretty easily. He plays both the fool and the intense, he cries and he laughs, he spoils and he makes. He knows that things don’t come on a golden platter and he will definitely try to work it. Scorpio is a water sign after all, his love shows.


The Flirt Game

He know how to get you back, he know how to crack your brains. He just puts on his smoulder and plays the flirt game. An evening with roses and candlelight, some cheeky Bollywood dialogues, a couple dance and voila, is it not much of a win already. He knows how to get into your pants and turn on the heat. Well, he will definitely show his love.


Passion Fruit

Scorpio being a water sign will not be ashamed to show his passions. He is intense and will make sure a passionate moment does see the closure of the night and the dawn of the day.