The Dark Side of Libras - Their Anger

The Dark Side of Libras - Their Anger

Libras have always been considered as peacemakers and controlling the situation with their calmness. No matter how good they are at adopting the neutral position and keeping their anger sideline, but there are also moments when they get into conflicts and become extremely angry.

They generally do not involve in any conflict, meaning they will try their best to avoid the argument by considering healthy conversation as an option but when they are pushed to the extremes, they find their own ways to defeat their opponent.

For Libras, balance plays a vital role in their life. They try to bring balance in everything they have. They look for the finest quality and have an instinctive perfectionist personality. With their perfectionist behavior, they try to make no mistake while doing anything. Not only with things they also try to maintain peace by trying to be fair with everyone. Their love for a balanced life helps them to stay refreshed and avoid any kind of conflict or heated argument. True fighters for justice and always fair, they’re also ready to give second chances.

Due to their shy personality, instead of talking about something which might arise an argument, they keep it to themselves.  They are extremely sensitive and get easily hurt but they don’t want others to know about it.  It is difficult to know when they are hurt. However, if you feel a Libra hasn’t said anything in days, there might be something that is bothering them.  As they don’t speak up easily, they hold grudges against people and when they reach their extreme point, they can bring up those things and use it against them.

Libras are always surrounded by people and have almost zero private life. They are always busy making everyone around them feel happy and comfortable, even if it costs their own peace and happiness. They are terrified of being left alone and that is why they also stick to their friends.

Angering a Libra

They are best in hiding their strong emotions like anger and hate and sometimes people think that they hardly get upset about anything but the truth they brilliantly know how to keep their emotions within themselves.

They become angry when things don't fall the way they have planned. They need balance in their life when something disturbs their state of equilibrium, it annoys them. Moreover, if they are forced to do certain things which they do not like to do, they get even angrier and will try to evade the situation as early as possible.

Truth and honesty form the foundation for them. They cannot stand a lie and completely hate seeing that injustice is made. They cannot see someone or something treated unfairly and will argue against it till they make it correct.

 They don’t know how to react when they are angry so most of the time when they get angry they behave either in  too dramatic manner or try their favorite trick- behaving cold.

They can totally avoid the person who hurt them just like they never existed and they can do this for years! So it is always advised not to make them angry.

Testing their patience.

Well, they behave calm and composed in most situations however they cannot handle people who constantly shout at others or have no manners of how to behave in a public area. They don’t like it when their guests are doing what they don’t like, inside their home. This annoys them even more.

They prefer balanced and organized things in their life and if you have left things in a messy and chaotic manner in front of them, you are nearly testing their patience.  They are very particular about their sleeping the schedule also and do not like any kind of disturbance while they’re in bed so their partner/roommate should avoid using gadgets especially when they are sleeping.

They also hate it when they are not getting enough time for their own self. They need space and my time and if they are not being given that, they will start behaving cranky.

Also  with all of these things what annoys them the most is when someone tries to generalize or stereotype them and make them fit into the criteria which they usually don’t belong to.

Making peace with them

Libras prioritize outer beauty and thus always feel attracted to the finest things. They are ruled by the planet Venus and thus they are people of luxury- who want everything refined and extravagant in their life. When they feel that they are depressed or something is making them feel upset, they will escape the place, get into the company of their own self, and enjoy good music while having gourmet food. Interestingly, they are capable of doing this even in those situations where escaping out is nearly impossible.