The Corona Infection and Its Cure

The Corona Infection and Its Cure


The range of the medically reviewed problems related to the Corona Virus is more or less the strength to beat the immunity of a normally functioning human being. Nothing kills a human more than the problematic immunity killer which will let you go nowhere and hence just like AIDS and SCID, the problem related to the Corona Virus is more at the roots of the human immunity which becomes pretty deficient and then more susceptible to other problems. The commonly seen problems for the people afflicted with the Corona Virus infection include the SARS, the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, which causes breathlessness, and breaks the ability of the body to both absorb Oxygen from the inhaled air and release Carbon Dioxide, and hence may result in wheezing and mucus. The other problem includes the MERS, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, which is more of a Mediterranean problem of respiration. Both the Corona Viruses have been identified as the MERS CoV and the SARS CoV. A novel Corona Virus, the nCoV is the newly discovered strained in the entire outlook.


The usual prevention of any general airborne and water-borne diseases also apply here, but they ought to be followed on a more serious level. Like, cover up your nose, mouth and other optimized orifices to prevent contracting. Prevent the proximity of the people who are infected, let alone touch these men. Do not try to make any bodily contact with these people. Try preventive measures like putting on a mask and then using mouth coverage so that any droplet infection could be prevented. Always try to sanitize yourself well before and after going out. Carry sanitizers, sanitizing napkins and sterile handkerchiefs do that any contract may be prevented. Always habituate to washing your hands with handwash (Dettol preferred) after returning from outside and before meals.



The new Reformation would be to treat the Corona afflicted cells just as the Cancer afflicted cells. A cancer cell has lost its property of controlled duplication and undergoes the strenuous duplication processes and hence the number increases madly. This is a property known as the activation of the oncogene. It happens in most cells. Similarly, when a virus enters the body, it takes over the cell machinery and puts it's DNA in the normal cell so that the cell starts duplicating the DNA by the normal process of cell division. The cell duplicates the DNA, and the new DNA and the older one exit rupturing through the cell to get into another cell, thus helping in the persistence of the viral material. Hence the duplication of Virus is pretty much like that of the duplication of Cancer Cell.


With the intake of the Ban Tulsi, the cell division stops at the Second Growth phase, that is though new DNA may be formed, the DNA will not be allowed to divide. Hence the Virus may not multiply if the cell does not undergo cell division. And the immunity provided by the cell will also incubate the Viral cells for an infinite time. The only take is that the supply of Ban Tulsi in the body should not be compensated. Any time the cell enters cell division, duplication will take place, causing the cell to divide enormously.



The Ban Tulsi is an annual herb, small in size, almost 3-7 cm long, and it has racemes of a flower which remain prostrate to the ground. It grows in the autumn months of September, October and November. It is grown abundantly in the rural areas of Malda, in West Bengal and in other parts in the North East and also in the south like in Kerala, and I'm Sri Lanka. It must be safeguarded against the frost of the weather and hence it is more found in the tropical regions. The growth is pretty wild, although the cultivation is always much looked after and hence the immense medicinal uses become very important in the cultivars of this plant. It has other uses as well. In Bengal, this is widely used as detergents and also as fuels. Firstly the plant is burnt and its energy is harnessed for fuelling. Later on, its ash is collected and stored in water for a week and then it is used as detergent for woolen and cotton clothes.


Just like the normal Tulsi, it helps in doing away with the cough and cold, the common flu, common cold, and similar airborne disease. It gives aid to the sore throat. It also helps in the prevention of cholesterol in the body and regulates the blood sugar level. It warms the body on an overall level which gives the body the much important first-degree immunity, which is barrier protection of the germs that may get killed due to body heat. It is a health tonic, boosts the energy levels and hence it is more or less anti-bacterial. It is also a great anti-addiction therapy, it helps quit the effects of both nicotine and caffeine addiction. It is an amazing antioxidant and helps in a lot of anti-cancerous properties.